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Nextbit Robin official Android Nougat update starts rolling out

Nextbit started testing out its Android Nougat update last November through a closed beta program that required users to sign up. Today, a few months later, the final Nougat build is starting to roll to everyone, no beta sign-up needed.

The build being sent OTA is number 88 and it's based on Android 7.0 with the January security patch level. It brings all of Nougat's goodness including multi-window, bundled notifications, customizable quick settings, and more to the phone.

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Todoist adds Multiwindow, quick reply from notifications, In Apps search, keyboard shortcuts, more

I am eternally grateful for the day I decided to manage my pharmacy's inventory and orders through Todoist. It saves me a lot of time, keeps everything easily accessible and searchable, lets me set reminders for special orders, and helps me and my assistant stay on top of it all even if we're not in the same location. And throughout the years, the service has kept improving and the developers have been quick to adopt new features in Android, providing me with more reasons to love Todoist. </meaningless gushing> Case in point: this update.

If you were in the Todoist Beta, you may have seen some of the features that are now coming to the stable release of the app.

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Yahoo Mail adds direct reply, bundled notifications, and multi-window support for Android Nougat

One of the most useful features of Android N is the improved notifications handling: notifications coming from the same app are bundled together and can be unbundled and dealt with individually, and there's direct reply support to quickly answer a message without opening the app.

Not a lot of apps have added support for both of these features, but now Yahoo Mail is joining this elite group. Thanks to a new update, Yahoo's mailing app lets you send direct replies to emails from the notification, and it bundles notifications together for less redundancy and clutter in the drop-down.

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[Update: Starting Q4 for HTC 10] HTC Says Android N Will Come To The HTC 10, One A9, And One M9

Android N still isn't officially released yet, but that hasn't stopped HTC from trying to grab some attention and get its time in the limelight during I/O's news cycle. The company announced through its official Twitter account that Android N will come to three of its existing devices.

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Night Mode Enabler is a simple app that brings back Night Mode and its tile to Android Nougat

The saga of Night Mode on Android is a bit of a dramatic story that started with a sneak peek in Android M, disappeared, returned again in N dev previews, only for our excitement to be short lived as we learned that it might not make it to the final release. And make it, it didn't. With the latest dev previews and Nougat's official release, the signs of Night Mode started disappearing one by one.

But there's hope after all. It seems that Night Mode is still hidden in the System UI Tuner, and all you need is an adb command to unleash it.

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LG G5 gets very limited 7.0 Nougat preview

Before today, only Google devices, the Sony Xperia Z3, and the Sony Xperia X Performance had Android 7.0 previews built for them. Now, another Android has joined the Nougat ranks—the LG G5. Whether you like the G5 or not (David sure didn't), it's getting a Nougat preview right now, albeit with more than a few catches.

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Xperia X Performance now eligible for Android N beta testing, with a few catches

Many were surprised when Sony began offering an Android N Developer Preview build for the Xperia Z3. Nobody expected a two-generation old Sony flagship to join a beta program that only Google devices were included in. Sony is now following up by offering up an Android N beta build for the Xperia X Performance, a phone that we didn't especially like.

The beta, which Sony is calling the Xperia Beta Program, is currently only available to Xperia X Performance users in European countries (specifically Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands). Sony has not commented on whether it plans to expand the beta's reach.

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LG will unveil the new V20 on September 6 in San Francisco

It's the new phone season of the year, part deux. After seeing the G5, S7 and S7 Edge, HTC M10, and more flagships at the beginning of the year, we're now ready for the second wave of releases. It started with the Note7, but not one to let its thunder get stolen, LG is quickly following up with the V20.

And the hype train is on. LG already teased the V20 a couple of days ago, saying it will be released before the end of the quarter — September being a good approximation — and it will be the first Android phone to ship with Nougat.

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[Update: Fixed in Dev Preview 5] Google has already fixed the weird notification toggle behavior from the last Android N dev preview

Most of the intrepid users who tried the most recent Android N developer preview were none too pleased with the new notification toggle behavior. Google changed the WiFi and Bluetooth buttons from simple toggles to connection list triggers. After more than 1,500 issue tracker stars in just a few days, Google has relented.

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Android 7.0 now shows if an APK was installed from the Play Store or another source

Android 7.0 Nougat developer preview will now show an application's install source in the app info interface. The new list item comes at the bottom, under the subheader "Store." This field is populated by a string obtained through getInstallerPackageName method, previously only accessible via a manual query. This string can be filled by a third party app store (such as Amazon, whose Appstore currently does this), or left blank in the case of an application that has been sideloaded.

As you can see in the hero image above, the Pokemon GO APK I sideloaded shows as having been installed by the package installer.

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