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AOSP Changelog Posted For Android N Developer Preview 3 And June's Android 6.0.1 Security Updates

June's security updates are now available for all of the currently supported Nexus (and Pixel C) devices. As usual, the code changes to go along with this month's new firmware have been uploaded to AOSP and we've got some changelogs to look through. While it's a bit late, Google also uploaded the code changes for N Developer Preview 3. As usual, this isn't a complete release of N, but mostly just the code for projects licensed under the GPL.

Google has already posted the security bulletin, which describes the lion's share of changes. Most of the issues resolved in this version have to do with vulnerabilities in Qualcomm drivers.

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[Promising] Android N Preview 3 Adds An Automatic Level For Power Notification Controls (Previously Known As Full Importance)

The saga of "full importance" notification levels in Android N continues. The feature was introduced in the first developer preview as a more granular control method for notification settings, then it was further modified in the second developer preview with some shuffling and renaming of the different levels and the addition of a sixth one, and now in the third developer preview, we're seeing one more option: Automatic importance.

It's worth pointing out that the feature has also been renamed from Full importance settings to Power notification controls.

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Android N Preview 3 Finally, Finally, Finally Introduces A Modern Android System Icon

After Lollipop 5.1's groundbreaking introduction of a new Android Beam icon and default Android Bugdroid icon, and Marshmallow's unforgettable contribution of a new Bluetooth icon, N is ready to carry the torch forward by making a significant change of its own to our favorite operating system: in the latest Developer Preview 3, the Android System icon is brand spanking new.

As a refresher, here is what that icon has looked like since the Gingerbread (and maybe earlier) days in the battery usage screen: a metallic knob with a smaller knob below it, and some green border for it all. You're not alone, I don't get it either.

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[Gaming, Streaming] Android Is Getting A 'Sustained Performance Mode' For Consistent App Performance Over Long Periods Of Time

You know how when you use your phone or tablet for long periods of time, it gets a little warm? Sometimes it even goes toasty — hi, Snapdragon 810! — and app performance suffers: you start seeing lags and stutters and things don't work as smoothly or as reliably as they should. That's because the system throttles the SoC when it risks reaching its limit temperature. This is the kind of performance issues that the new Sustained Performance Mode aims to solve.

There's a new 'Sustained Performance API' in the latest Android N Developer Preview 3. It works based on feedback provided by OEMs regarding each device and its performance for long-running apps.

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Launcher Shortcuts Are Not Coming To Android N After All, API To Be Removed In The Next Developer Preview

One of the promised features of Android N was launcher shortcuts, a way for developers to include additional actions in their app's launcher icon following a certain gesture. There were dynamic shortcuts, pinned shortcuts, and a lot of interesting things for developers to explore that you can read about in Cody's exploration of the feature.

But Launcher Shortcuts are going away. Recode had already reported the rumor that Google was going to delay their introduction, and it turns out that was true. The latest developer documentation explains that Launcher Shortcuts will be deferred to a future version of Android (so not N) and that their APIs will be removed from the Android N API starting with the next developer preview.

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Android N Preview 3 Brings Google Keyboard 5.1: Themes And Emojis Abound [APK Download]

Earlier this month, Google updated the Google Keyboard to version 5.0 with plenty of new gestures, optional borders, one-handed mode, and more features. However, version 5.0 was not compatible with Android N, so those running the Preview couldn't benefit from it.

This is now fixed with Android N's third Preview. The new image includes Google Keyboard 5.1 that not only brings all of the same changes, but also adds two new cool features: themes and all those new emojis we were promised with Android N. Unfortunately, there's no sign of that iOS GBoard action. Oh bugger.

Keyboard Themes

Google Keyboard 5.1 includes a new setting section for themes.

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