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Video: Top 10 New Things In Android N Developer Preview 2

In our latest Android Police video, we take a look at some of the more notable changes in Android N Developer Preview 2. Mark Burstiner, as usual, guides you through the new goodies you can expect in the latest preview release, including changes to direct reply, new emoji, a potential vector for adding "3D touch" style functionality to Android, a new calculator quick settings shortcut, and more!

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Android N Developer Preview 2 Comes To The Nexus Player (NPC91O)

Google released a second Android N developer preview two weeks ago for the Nexus 5X, 6P, 6, 9, 9 LTE, and Pixel C. That's quite the list, but there was one circular Nexus device that didn't make it.

That's the Nexus Player, and now Google's quirky little set-top box is having its turn to experience the love. This was the only device to be delayed. The build has gone out as version NPC91O.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Launcher Shortcuts Give Apps Many New Ways To Provide Information And Quick Actions

The first Developer Preview of Android N was a pretty big hit with a boatload of new features for both users and developers. Unlike last year, Google didn't ship the second preview with just a series of bug fixes–there are already new APIs for developers. One such addition is called Launcher Shortcuts and it promises to bring a new interaction model to the homescreen. The simple icons we've always known will soon be able to expose easily glanceable information, quick actions, and clever shortcuts into various parts of an app.

Launcher Shortcuts

Launcher Shortcuts have a lot in common with the regular shortcuts supported by Android since the beginning.

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