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Dead Zebra releases Year of the Rat Android figurine in celebration of Chinese New Year


If you're like most of us here, you can't get enough of artist Andrew Bell's line of collectible bugdroid figures from Dead Zebra. No Android enthusiast's desk is complete without one or two (or 10). Today brings with it the announcement of the latest limited-edition figure you can add to your collection. A new rat-themed figurine is now available in commemoration of the approaching Lunar New Year.

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[Update: That sold out fast] Dead Zebra cooks up new limited-edition French chef Android mini

No self-respecting Android fan's workspace is complete without a Bugdroid mini or two (or three, or eleven), so we're always on the lookout to grow our collection with the latest collectible from Andrew Bell's Dead Zebra. Today Bell revealed the next mini to join the DZ lineup, announcing the limited-edition French chef.

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Dead Zebra reveals upcoming Year of the Pig Android figurine to celebrate Chinese New Year

As is tradition, Dead Zebra is ringing in the upcoming Chinese New Year with an appropriate mini bugdroid figurine, shaped like a pretty cute, Androidesque pig. And, technically, there are two figurines: 1 in 10 purchasers will receive an even more limited edition Gold colored one, rather than your more standard (and perhaps cuter) pink bugdroid pig.

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Dead Zebra's new mooncake Android Minis celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

Dead Zebra has a brand new Android Mini set for the commemorative collectors out there, and this one looks especially delicious. Dead Zebra's newest Minis are just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival, a harvest celebration primarily celebrated in China and Vietnam. The mooncake, usually filled with red bean or lotus seed paste, is a hallmark of the festival, so Dead Zebra has crafted the tops of four Android Minis to look like the pastry — with added antenna and a biscuit-like body, of course. 

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Attention pet lovers: The new Dead Zebra Android Minis are for you

The Dead Zebra Android Minis have been a fixture of the Android community since the early days. There have been numerous blind box sets, as well as special editions to commemorate events or locations. There's a new special edition set today, and it's aimed at the pet lovers out there.

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Dead Zebra releases Golden Rooster special edition Android mini

Serious Android fans usually have at least one of the Android mini collectibles from Dead Zebra sitting around. I myself have an embarrassing number of them on my desk. Now there's another to add to your collection, and you better hurry up. The new Golden Rooster is a limited edition figure celebrating the Chinese New Year. If you're on the fence, let me just point out that the Golden Rooster has wings.

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Dead Zebra's summer 2016 Android collectible emphasizes bear awareness

Maybe you've already got a small army of Android minis on your desk, courtesy of Dead Zebra. There's a new special edition Android collectible you may very well want to add to your collection. The summer 2016 Android mini is actually a combo pack with a bear and a smaller scout Android that totally isn't going to get eaten.

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Dead Zebra's Series 5 Android Minis Will Include An Android Police Officer, Among Other Designs

The fifth series of Android mini collectibles from Dead Zebra is just around the corner, and the first preview is now live on Dead Zebra's site. Andrew Bell and company have some fun stuff this year, including an Android policeman. It's not technically connected with Android Police, but I'm going to pretend it is. Just add an AP logo and you're golden.


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