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[Update: Sales open] Dead Zebra commemorates 10 years of Android with 4 new Android Mini figures, available November 26

Andrew Bell's Dead Zebra releases tons of cute little Bugdroid figures for holidays and other special occasions. Android turned 10 in September, and you'd better believe there are a handful of commemorative Android Minis coming soon.

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[Boooooooooo-gdroid] Dead Zebra celebrates Halloween with Zombie Process Android Mini

Andrew Bell, the man behind Dead Zebra and its unending collections of Android Minis, likes to release new designs frequently to celebrate special dates. Halloween is upon us, and what better way to commemorate the creepy holiday than with an adorable green robot claimed by the undead?

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Dead Zebra Android Mini Series 06 is now available with Ben Franklin, Purple, Hot Dog, along with new collectible pins

Dead Zebra makes one of our favorite collectible items as Android fans: mini figurines shaped like our beloved green robot but designed and painted to look like different weird and funny and cute characters. The sixth series is now out on Dead Zebra's site with designs from 9 different artists and a purple theme.

There's, obviously, a solid purple design, aptly named Purple, but also Ben Franklin, Hot Dog (with mini bottles of ketchup and mustard), Amanita with a removable standalone mushroom, Queen and King for the card players, and more. Here are the 13 designs that have been revealed.

There are 3 more, but those are kept under a secret blanket.

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