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[Android M Feature Spotlight] Emergency Calls Automatically Display The Nearest Contact Center And Your Current Location

This feature has taken us a long time to confirm, readers - sorry about that. Testing it would have required us to call 9-1-1 for the sole purpose of testing out a neat new tool on a smartphone, and aside from being extremely illegal, none of us wanted to explain to a hard-working emergency dispatcher that we were using a vital service to write up a blog post. And on that note, please, please don't test out this feature on your own Android M preview build.

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Google's Sound Search Widget Gets A Modern Makeover In Android Marshmallow Preview 3

You've probably heard of Shazam. You fire up the app when a song is playing that you can't remember the name of. It will do a little magic trick, then come back with the answer and maybe even lyrics. Google's Sound Search widget does something similar, and following the update contained within the latest Android Marshmallow developer preview, it looks more up-to-date doing it.

The widget doesn't just come with a new style. The developers have also tweaked the functionality. Now the widget launches into the Google Search app's sound recognition interface rather than inside the widget itself. And there's a 1x1 widget option to choose from.

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[Update: New Images] Android M Developer Preview 3 Images Now Available For The Nexus 5, 6, 9, And Player

Still reeling from the reveal of the official Android Marshmallow statue at the Googleplex and the confirmation that the new version is Android 6.0? Well hold on to your butts, because there's more coming. In addition to the new reveals, Google has published the third version of the Android M Developer Preview. Presumably this latest release is pretty close to the final version that we should be seeing on new devices and over-the-air updates later this year.

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Unsurpsingly, Android M Developer Preview 3 Has Been Delayed

With Lollipop, Google did something that developers had wanted for a while: a dev preview of the upcoming Android build. With the M release, it made that even better with OTA updates for the first time...but that hasn't gone quite as smoothly as we'd hoped it would.

The original plan was to release one build per month until the final release. New builds were scheduled to show up at the end of May, June, and July, with the final build in "Q3." That's cool, except the M 2 build was fairly late; it didn't actually hit till the second week of July.

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[Update: Nexus Player] Android M Developer Preview 2 Nexus OTA ZIP Roundup

The Android L developer preview remained largely static in the time between its launch and Lollipop's official release. That isn't the case with Android M, which Google says will receive monthly over-the-air updates. The first of them is now available for the Nexus 5 and 6.

There isn't much new to see in this update. Google announced it last week when it released system images, and you can see the provided list of changes in our coverage at the time. You will also find a few known issues to look out for as well.

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[Breakfast Meat] Google's M-Preview Developer Docs Are Packed With A Bit Of Bacon-y Goodness

There was a time when we thought bacon could make almost anything better. We were wrong... It can make everything better! Things started simple with bacon appearing on breakfast plates, hamburgers, and sandwiches. Society eventually aimed higher with more creative endeavors like bacon ice cream, bacon-wrapped pizza, and of course, bacon-wrapped bacon. We couldn't even stop there because cocktail culture simply wasn't complete without bacon-flavored vodka. Why am I talking so much about bacon? Because this tasty meat has been sprinkled on top the API Overview page in the M-Preview SDK developer documentation. Take a look:


What you're seeing above is "bacon ipsum," a delicious alternative to the lorem ipsum commonly used in graphic design and publishing as filler until a final copy is written.

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[I/O 2015] Android M Developer Preview Is Official, For Nexus 5, 6, 9, And Player

The Android M Developer Preview was just announced at Google I/O during the keynote this morning. Android "M" will focus on "quality end-to-end," with a strong emphasis on improving the user experience, according to Dave Burke.

Supported devices include the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Nexus Player. M includes brand-new features like granular app permissions (which is huge on its own), new app linking APIs, doze mode for enhanced battery life, enhanced fingerprint support (including Android Pay), and a whole lot more.


Google has now detailed some of the ins and outs of the preview, so we've got more information.

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