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Google pulls the plug on Androidify, but older versions of the app still work (APK Download)

Google’s numerous side projects include plenty of experimental apps and services canceled before their time, and few get to live as long as Androidify has. Released in 2011, the quirky little app allowed you to customize the iconic green Android bot with clothes, shoes, and whatnots. Even though the app didn’t see an update after 2016, it persisted all this while alongside its web peer. But now, Androidify is gone from both the Play Store and web, probably for good.

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[Android M Feature Spotlight] Stricter APK Validation Now Actually Checks If All Of An APK's Files Are Present

While you might file this one under "really? We weren't doing this already?" if you're a security expert, Google has added stricter validation of APKs in Android "M" that should prevent what I guess you could call tinkering by omission.

Previously, APK validation checks looked at the SHA-1 signature for every file in said APK against those stored in the app's file, which is automatically generated during the signing process. If any of the files were modified, the APK would fail validation, and then fail to install or launch. This is an obvious security measure, designed to prevent people from loading up malicious software or otherwise doing nefarious things with legitimate APKs.

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