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AAXA P2-A portable smart projector review: Too many compromises

You might recall that I reviewed Anker's first portable projector back in August. While it was sold under the company's 'Nebula' sub-brand, the Nebula Mars retained Anker's top-notch build quality and premium design. It certainly had a few problems, like the lack of a Google Play Store, but overall it was a good product.

A few weeks ago, AAXA Technologies contacted me, asking if I wanted to try out their P2-A portable projector. Like the Nebula Mars, it runs Android (a newer version, at that), but it's even smaller and less than half the price. I agreed, and not long after, the P2-A arrived at my front door.

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Nova Launcher's Google Now integration works on Lollipop too

One of the main downsides to using a custom launcher was that you couldn't have an easily-accessible Google Now pane. While your feed is just a swipe away on the Google Now and Pixel Launchers, other applications were barred from using it due to API restrictions. That is, until the developer of Nova Launcher found a way around it by creating the 'Nova Google Companion.'

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AT&T Galaxy S5 Active Goes From Android 5.0 To 5.1.1


Verizon Ellipsis 8 Tablet Gets Android 5.1.1 OTA Update


Galaxy S4 On AT&T Gets Android Lollipop OTA Software Update


Sprint Announces Galaxy S5 Sport Android Lollipop OTA Software Update


Sony Announces Worldwide Android Lollipop Rollout For The Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, And Xperia Z3 Tablet

Xperia owners, watch out. Lollipops are raining from the sky and smashing straight into your screens. If you welcome this phenomenon, don't do anything. These lollipops have heat-seeking sensors and will find your devices wherever they lay. If you prefer KitKat, you can swat the intruders away, but you'll never get to experience the future changes in store for your Android device.

Sony has confirmed that it is launching lollipops at Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, and Z3 Tablet Compact devices all over the world (some of these updates were previously pushed out to smaller, test markets). The manufacturer plans to open fire on the Z2 and Z2 Tablet starting next week.

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The HTC One M7's Carrier Versions May, Possibly, Potentially, Get Updated To Android 5.1 After All

Yesterday, HTC's Mo Versi, the Vice President of Product Management, caused a few disgruntled sighs from the company's fans and One M7 owners by announcing that the two-year-old device wouldn't get any more major updates, including Android 5.1. That didn't apply to the Google Play Edition version of the M7, which is still set to get 5.1 in April.

But it looks like the replies Mo has received have elicited the company to take another look at the issue and consider changing its stance. Users argued that Android 5.1 isn't exactly a major update and that it brings a lot of bug fixes to Android, and HTC heard them.

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Android Lollipop Rolling Out To Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, Z2, And Z2 Tablet [Updated]

Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, Z2, and Z2 Tablet owners around the world may soon have a reason to smile. According to XperiaBlog, Sony has started to roll out Android 5.0 to these three devices in various regions. This news comes shortly after the Japanese manufacturer started pushing out Lollipop to the Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact yesterday.

This information has been confirmed. Sony Mobile updated its blog posting from yesterday to add all three devices to the list and announce that updates will start with the Nordics and Baltics.

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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 Gets Android Lollipop OTA Update

When T-Mobile added a new update tracking progress meter to its website last week, the Galaxy Note 3 was listed as undergoing T-Mobile testing, the second step in a three-step process to deliver Android 5.0. Soon it should be moving up a notch, as a changelog has hit Samsung's site saying that today's the day the carrier starts pushing out the over-the-air update to consumers.


In addition to Lollipop, the changelog makes references to Wi-Fi calling, including a fix for a one way audio issue. But that's not the point here. When people click the update button looking for software version N900TUVUFOB5, they're looking for the latest version of Android.

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