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New devices with 2GB of RAM or less must run Android Go, according to leaked documents

There are a plethora of cheap, low-power phones (and some tablets) out there running Android Go, a specialized version of Android tailored to weaker hardware. Its use is not mandatory, though, so there are also plenty of devices that can feel less optimized and might shine a bad light on Android as a whole for those who have never owned another phone with the OS. It looks like Google wants to change that, as a leaked document shows that starting with Android 11, any device with less than 2GB of RAM wishing to ship with Google software must use the easily updatable, low-power Android Go version.

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Google launches Camera Go app as Android Go usership hits 100 million active devices

Hot on the heels of the Nokia event that brought us the new Android Go-equipped Nokia 1.3, Google has taken the opportunity to talk about the new Camera Go pre-installed on that phone. Similar to other Go apps, it has been created with low-end hardware in mind while retaining some of the features that make Google's image processing so great.

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Android Pie Go-based Nokia C2 launches with removable battery

After MWC was called off, the Finnish smartphone maker HMD announced a separate event where a bunch of new mid-tier devices is expected to see the light of day. While there's no flagship model in sight until at least a few months from now, Nokia just introduced a new budget smartphone ahead of Wednesday's event — the Nokia C2.

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Google Go has the most adorable elephant Easter egg

Easter eggs used to be a lot more frequent back when Google let its fun side show, but now that the company is trying to project a more serious image, these little undiscovered gems are becoming rarer and rarer. Or maybe we're not playful enough to discover them. However, I'm ready to scratch all of what I said and do nothing for the next hour except trigger this elephant easter egg in Google Go. It's that adorable.

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