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Android P enterprise improvements detailed: Simplified work profile, expanded kiosk mode, and security enhancements


When someone says "Oh, that's just my work phone," you'd be surprised if it's not an iPhone. But Android does offer an increasingly capable enterprise experience, and more improvements are on the way with Android P this year. Many general new features have been uncovered and announced in recent weeks, particularly since the beta launched at Google I/O, but we haven't heard much about what used to be called Android for Work.

One tidbit that we got tipped about after the first developer preview was separate tabs for work and personal apps in the updated Pixel Launcher's app drawer, and now Google has outlined that feature and some others in a blog post.

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Non-essential app blocking for corporate-managed phones comes to G Suite

Corporate data security is paramount—particularly in industries with regulations like HIPAA which include steep fines for negligently handled personal data. Accordingly, allowing employees access to that data on mobile devices is not without its share of risks, as the potential of malware or lost/stolen devices may result in expropriated data. Google has introduced an extra step for IT managers to ensure that devices are compliant with corporate-defined security policy. Device Policy will now restrict apps determined to be nonessential (like Chrome or Gmail) from running until a device is returned to compliance.

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Google Launches Android For Work DevHub, A Beta Program And Open Forum For Eager Companies And Developers

The workplace may be stuffy, but that doesn't mean there isn't space for a tech lover to geek out. You may be the IT guy responsible for managing user accounts and security policies, but just like on your personal phone, you like having access to the latest tools.

For you, dear corporate tech nerd, Google has introduced Android for Work DevHub.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Android For Work Updated With Profile Security Challenge, Wallpaper Locking, Work Mode Toggle, And Much More

Google is really focused on making Android more work-friendly, and N adds a bunch of new features to improve Android for Work. For starters, there's now a toggle that'll completely disable a device's work profile, including apps, notifications, and background sync. While work mode is turned off, a persistent icon will be displayed in the status bar to remind users that work apps can't launch.

Screenshot_20160311-085845 Screenshot_20160311-085833

Image credit to Andrew Quebe

Work profiles in N now also support an additional layer of protection by letting administrators specify a security challenge whenever a work app is launched. This challenge may be in the form of either a pin, a fingerprint, or a password, and the administrator can also specify things like the required minimum password length or the password's "quality."

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Google Has Released Test DPC To Help Developers Try Out Apps With Android For Work

Android isn't all about fun and games. Sometimes you have to use that phone or tablet (but probably phone) for work. Before that, someone has to develop apps for use in a corporate environment. Google launched Android for Work earlier this year, and it's up to other folks to make the apps.

Well, Google has recently released an app to make that whole ordeal go by more smoothly. It's known simply as Test DPC.

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Google's Android For Work App Hits The Play Store


In February, Google proclaimed "Android is ready for work," marking an official opening to the Android for Work effort first introduced at Google I/O 2014. Today, Google's official Android for Work app has hit the Play Store, ready to help users running Android 4.0-4.4W (since setup is built into Lollipop) and working with Android for Work partner solutions set up their device for work use.

For those out of the loop, Android for Work is Google's take on dual-persona device management, allowing users to have two copies of the same app - one for personal use and one for business.

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Ars Technica Puts Android For Work Under The Magnifying Glass In Full Review


Google Releases Standalone PDF Viewer App Primarily Aimed At Android For Work

There's a new Google app in the Play Store today—the Google PDF Viewer. You may be wondering why that exists seeing as Google Drive already opens PDFs. It's that same basic thing, but you don't need Drive. This app is intended mainly for Android for Work, but anyone can install it.


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Google Launches Android For Work To Help Keep Business And Personal Lives Separate

After spending years as a kid and many more as a student, we each get to a point where the majority of our time gets sucked into work. This leaves many employees glued to their phones, and unsurprisingly, the tech giants all want it to be their phones. So Google has launched Android for Work, a program that aims to make its mobile platform better suited for the workplace.


The program appeared last year at Google I/O, then referred to as Android Work.

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