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[Update: Changelog] Android Device Manager updated for the first time in two years and renamed to Find My Device [APK Download]

In the first update the app has seen since 2015, Android Device Manager has been bumped to V2, bringing some much needed visual changes and a new name. Be pleased to make your first introduction to Find My Device. We have an updated APK that shows the app has been redesigned and given a new name: Find My Device. The new version offers all the same features but updates the interface a bit to remove the last dregs of Holo.

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Google Merges "Bricking" Support To AOSP, Could Give Remote Wiping A Nuclear Option

Being able to remotely wipe your phone's data is a handy feature and, in conjunction with Android's Device Protection, can make your phone all but useless to a would-be thief. I say "all but" useless because there's always the possibility of a workaround or a deep compromise of your account information that could let a thief into your device in an extreme scenario. Granted, almost nothing can claim to completely eliminate the risk of data theft once your accounts are compromised, but there are steps that can be taken to at least mitigate the damage, even if just long enough to get back control of your stuff.

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Some Users Aren't Seeing Android Phones In Android Device Manager - Google's Working On It

Android Device Manager is Google's rather handy package of web and mobile software that allows you to remotely locate, ring, or lock your phone or tablet. Of course, it's not especially useful if it can't actually interact with your device. Most of the time errors are because a phone can't be reached via data, or because permission has been reset in the ADM app itself. But a small group of users are having trouble with getting ADM to recognize their devices at all.

2015-07-20 03.59.53

In a detailed post on Google's Nexus Help Forum, Nexus 5 owner Sandra Buensalida recounted her frustration when the Android Device Manager wouldn't recognize her phone after trying it out on several different network and hardware configurations, and applying every possible troubleshooting solution she could find.

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Type 'Find My Phone' Into Google On Your Computer And Immediately Locate Your Android Phone

Google is a digital genie. You type your wishes into a search bar and -POW- there it is, what you are looking for. Now you can even use Google to find tangible objects, as long as the object you are looking for is your Android phone. Just type the words 'find my phone' into any google search bar from your computer and in seconds Google will locate your device on a map and give you the option to make it ring. Nifty.

Screenshot 2015-04-15 at 5.17.10 PM - Edited

Android users have been able to find their devices remotely for a while now, but until today you had to log into Android Device Manager on another mobile device or your computer to start your search.

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Android Device Manager App Gains Android Wear Support With 'Find My Phone' Feature

When your watch and your phone are connected, the ability for one to find the other seems like a natural feature to add. Oddly, Android Wear hasn't been able to do that so far, at least not without third-party apps adding it in. Google is correcting this oversight today with a new update to the Android Device Manager system. With ADM installed on your phone, you can issue an "OK Google, find my phone" voice command to your Wear device to make it ring out like a mildly annoyed baby.

Find your phone with Android Wear

Well, you'll be able to eventually. Apparently this feature isn't available to everyone yet - it looks like it's one of the "silent" back-end updates on Google's end of the system, popping up without an update to either Android Wear's firmware or the ADM app itself.

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[APK Download + Micro-Teardown] Android Device Manager Updated To v1.3.8, Adds Convenient Callback Button To Remotely Locked Phones

One last app came rolling in at the tail end of update Wednesday. This time, we've got a relatively small update to Android Device Manager, Google's answer for lost or stolen phones. The changelog hasn't been posted on the Play Store, but a quick teardown told us everything we needed to know. There's a new callback feature that makes contacting the owner a one-touch operation.

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Android Device Manager 1.2 Update Allows You To Sign Into A Friend's Phone In Guest Mode To Find Or Disable Yours [APK Download]

Android Device Manager is already a great way to ensure you can locate, lock, or wipe your phone if you lose it. You can remotely access it from your tablet or any full computer, but what if you're out and about and don't have any spare technology handy, and no way to connect it? Google has delivered a solution in the form of the latest Android Device Manager update. Now any Android device with ADM can allow guests to log in, with full access to remote location, ringing, locking, and wiping.

Screenshot_2014-05-28-22-09-01 Screenshot_2014-05-28-22-09-23 Screenshot_2014-05-28-22-11-13

What’s New

So far Google hasn't posted the changelog, and the guest mode is the only thing we can find that has significantly changed.

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Android Device Manager Update Adds Account Password Challenge When Opened [APK Download]

The Android Device Manager app could really save your bacon if you misplace a device, but it could also be a serious pain if someone else opens it. An update is rolling out right now that adds a password challenge when you open the app or switch accounts that makes sure no one but the account holder can track, lock, or wipe devices.

2014-01-29 19.58.04 2014-01-29 20.14.16 2014-01-29 20.14.56

After the update, ADM will prompt for a password each time it starts up. You can still jump back to the homescreen and re-enter through the multitasking interface as long as you do it quickly. However, ending the foreground process will immediately prompt for the password again when you open it.

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[App Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Apps Of December 2013

We're slap bang in the middle of CES at the moment, but if you're full up on wearables and Android-powered ovens, take a break and check out the best apps of 2013's final month. Below in no particular order you'll find our favorite new apps that debuted during the holiday season. There were a ton of significant app updates, of course, but these are the best new entries from December, along with a few honorable mentions.


Android Device Manager

There's not much to the Android Device Manager: it's just a mobile interface for Google's tracking and locking function introduced last year.

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[New App] Google Releases Android Device Manager App In Play Store

Google rolled out the Android Device Manager a few months ago, but for whatever reason, there was no matching Android app. That changes today as Google has finally gotten around to releasing one. The app contains all the functionality from the website in a mobile-friendly package and it is, of course, free.

4 3

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