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Android 9 Pie Beta 4 is out now for the Nokia 7 Plus

A couple of days after the final version of Android 9 Pie hit AOSP, the Nokia 7 Plus is getting an update — to another Developer Preview. Yes, HMD Global Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas has announced on Twitter that Android 9 Pie Beta 4 (that's Developer Preview 5) is rolling out to 7 Plus devices enrolled in Nokia's preview program.

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[Update: OTA rolling out] Android P DP5 lands as final pre-release build, factory images and OTAs available

The pace of Android P Developer Previews marches on, and DP5 was just pushed out into the world. This marks what should be the final release candidate developer preview for Android P before its release later in Q3 of this year. Developers and enthusiasts alike should make sure they're prepared for the changes in store.

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Android P Developer Preview timeline: 5 releases, final version scheduled for Q3

Just earlier this hour, Google released the details and images for the new Android P developer preview, and now we know what sort of schedule to expect for future releases—assuming Google sticks to it. The current plans are to push the 2nd Developer Preview in May. Two more are planned for June with a final image expected to land in July before the ultimate Q3 release. 

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Android O developer preview will include 4 releases, final version coming in Q3 2017

Google has released details of the Android O developer preview timeline, and it'll be familiar to those of you who participated last time around. The Android O DP will include four releases in advance of the final build. That is currently scheduled for Q3 of this year. So, probably another late fall launch for Android.

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Android O feature spotlight: Official autofill API will save you from typing the same thing over and over

We all know the pain of typing in the same block of text the zillionth time on Android. The keyboards are better these days, but it's still an unnecessary annoyance. On desktops, there are any number of text-expanders and autofill helpers, but those sorts of apps are essentially hacks on Android... at least they have been until now. Android O will support a new API for autofill apps.

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Android O feature spotlight: Picture-in-picture video for all devices and new windowing features

Google added support for picture-in-picture (PiP) on Android TV devices (above) with the update to Nougat, but developers haven't exactly been rushing to add support. Maybe now they'll get on it. Android O is adding support for PiP video on phones and tablets.

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Android O feature spotlight: Neighborhood Aware Networking (NAN) mode for WiFi

Android O will include big, obvious changes like picture-in-picture and new icons, but some of the low-level stuff could be just as impactful down the road. For instance, the addition of Neighborhood Aware Networking (NAN) support for WiFi. It could allow devices to find each other and communicate over WiFi without an access point.

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