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Google announces Android Dev Summit 2019 for October 23-24

We're just a few weeks out from Google I/O, but Google is already planning its next developer party with the Android Dev Summit. While I/O is technically a developer-focused event, it's also become a major showcase for consumer-facing products. The Android Dev Summit will be all about Android without the glitz and glamor of I/O, and it's happening on October 23-24 this year.

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Google to smartphone screens: Get bent

Samsung (and others) have been teasing the concept of foldable phones for a short while, and that flexible dream has been a science fiction-level goal for years. But up until today, it was anyone's guess exactly how that might have worked when it came to software implementations in Android. But fret not, Google has just revealed at the Android Dev Summit that our favorite operating system will have native support for folding form factors.

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[Update: Registration now open] Google announces Android Dev Summit on November 7-8 in Mountain View

Google I/O was just a few months back, but Google has another developer-focused event coming up later this year. The Android Dev Summit will be a smaller event that eschews the flashy demos and giveaways that attract non-devs to I/O. It's happening at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View on November 7-8.

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