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[Pipe Dream]'s 404 Page Not Found is a fun and cute pipe game

If you head over to*, you'll achieve two things: one, you get to tell Google in no uncertain terms that our site is the absolute best evar™ and two, you will get rewarded with a super cool 404 page and a game.

The error message suggests other pages for you to check then offers, "no thanks, I'd rather Play" as an option. Tap that and you'll load a super fun and cute pipe game where Androids launch pink donuts, blue jelly beans, or white marshmallows into the field and you have to rotate the glass pipes to land the desserts in the correct colored pipe.

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Google refreshes its feature pages, gets rid of Android One for some reason

An official name for Android N isn't the only change that Google made to its public face today. In addition, there are a handful of updated pages for major Android-related websites within the Google universe — for some reason the dedicated page for Android One is gone. Why Google felt the need to get rid of a page explaining its biggest developing world mobile push is a matter of speculation, but it surely doesn't bode well for the low-cost phone program.

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Device Frame Generator Moves To Google's Android Developer Site, Becomes 'Device Art Generator'

Following last month's major update to the Android Asset Studio, the studio's Device Frame Generator has been given a new home under the "Distribute" tab at For those not familiar, the Device Frame Generator is a tool that allows developers (or anyone, really) to wrap their screenshots in high-quality images of real devices, creating a stunning context for your app (or mockup).

Along with its new location, the generator has a new name: Device Art Generator. Users of the old generator will be happy to know that it has maintained its original functionality (like options for adding screen glare or shadow to your generated image), and works just as well (if not better) than before.

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Watch The Android Developer Story Of Wind-Up Knight

Over on the AndroidDevelopers YouTube account, Google has produced a little video about the development of Wind-Up Knight.

It's a short interview with the founders of Robot Invader, the developer behind the game. They talk about what a good idea it was to develop for Android, and go over some of Android's advantages for developers. They reach 100 devices with a single binary, they can update builds in 24 hours, (*ahem* ..Apple) and they're approaching a million users in only 2 weeks.

The video appeared with the redesign, which has all sorts of great stuff on it.

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17 Launches Slick New Redesign For Ice Cream Sandwich is totally new. And awesome. And you should go look at it.

You'll be introduced to Android 4.0 and its new features (like you don't already know). You'll get some app recommendations, and be blow away by the web design. There's even a section extolling the virtues of Android development.


The homepage is especially awesome, the live wallpaper on the phone and tablet is interactive. Everything on the site has nice little swoopy animations and beautiful design. It's just fun to explore.


"Get Apps" is full of categorized app recommendations . The little "app buckets" animate left and right when you click on the arrows, and the apps jump out of the buckets when you click on them.

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