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Special edition watermelon Android mini and 'Andy' enamel pin now available from Dead Zebra

Designer Andrew Bell has something tasty to share this summer—a new special edition Android mini is live on the Dead Zebra store. The new watermelon Android mini is available for order right now, but it'll only be on sale for a limited time. There's also a new Android logo enamel pin. That's neat, but that watermelon, guys.

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DeadZebra releases special edition Frank "tech support" Patches collectible Android figurine

DeadZebra's Android figurines are one of the coolest ways you can express your love for Google's operating system. Some people love to collect as many as they can, others buy a couple for their desk or a nice shelf in their room. I have two next to my phone's charger on my nightstand and I like the nerdy effect they provide.

If you're a collector or if you're interested in grabbing a new DeadZebra figurine, there's now one cool, and slightly creepy... well, mostly creepy design to pick from: Frank Patches.

deadzebra-frank-patches-1 deadzebra-frank-patches-2

Mr. Patches wears his name literally with patches on his head and hands, and figuratively being a tech support guy.

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Andrew Bell's 'Android Mini Series 05' Figurines Are Now Ready For Purchase From Dead Zebra

What good is an adorable mascot if you're not going to make figurines out of it? Designer Andrew Bell has created numerous adaptations of Android's bugdroid (produced by Dyzplastic), and now his latest series is available from Dead Zebra, Inc.

Screenshot 2015-02-05 at 12.02.10 PM

Android Mini Series 05 includes 16 different possible Androids. A single order costs $9 and comes with one provided at random. If you want to get the full set without the risk of ordering duplicates, you can place an order for $140.

Screenshot 2015-02-05 at 12.01.54 PM


The full set comes with 14 different designs and two secret rare collectibles. Units on display here include an angry cop (someone please put an Android Police logo on this guy), some sort of skeleton, a weird-looking chef, a sad panda, and an Android that looks like an Android.

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[Update: Winners] Win One Of Six Mega Android Collectibles From Andrew Bell And Android Police

Andrew Bell's kickass mini Android collectibles are, well, kickass. But sometimes the job calls for a bigger Android collectible. I'm honestly not sure what job that may be, but there has to be at least one. And for that one, Andrew has answered the call – welcome the Mega Android Collectible to the family. At ten inches, it's pretty big. Comparatively, anyway. (Mind out of the gutter, guys.)

This massive Android features ball-jointed arms and a big ol' removable head. You can even put stuff in his body. Like a can of soda. Or beer. Or other stuff that's small enough to fit inside a compartment about the size of a can.

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Android Trickertreat Collectible Is Now Available For $10, Will Start Shipping On October 23rd

It's getting very close to the time of year when children dress themselves up as super heroes, princesses, zombies, and race car drivers, going door to door taking advantage of the one day when they are all entitled to receive candy. Most people that are swept up in the Halloween spirit will probably stick a jack o' lantern on the front porch alongside an inflated skeleton, but you, dear Android Police reader, are not most people. For you, there is an Android Trickertreat collectible available to prove to everyone that your favorite mobile OS is ready to adapt to every situation, including the holidays.

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