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Android 11 tweaks the screenshot Markup interface and adds a delete button

Google introduced a native screenshot editing interface back in Android 9. Dubbed Markup, it provided a quick and easy way to edit screenshots prior to sharing or saving. And while it worked just fine, there was one tiny oversight: you couldn't delete a screenshot from the Markup editor itself. With the upcoming release of Android 11, it looks like Google is adding that delete option.

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Android 11 Beta is landing on some Pixels, despite plans to postpone release

There have already been several Developer Previews of Android 11, and Google planned to release the first beta-quality build during an online 'Beta Launch Show' on June 3rd. That event was cancelled last week, due to widespread protests in the United States, but that hasn't stopped Google from rolling out the first Android 11 Beta to some Pixel owners — perhaps unintentionally.

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Android 10 beta available for some Huawei Mate 20 Pro devices ahead of schedule

Android 10 has been steadily finding its way into OEM handsets since launching in September. This past weekend, Huawei decided to get a jumpstart on its own Android 10 beta release schedule by showing some love to the Netherlandic variant of the Mate 20 Pro.

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[Update: Phone list, 3a and 3a XL too] 23 phones including Pixels are getting Android Q Beta 3

Like last year, Google is working with smartphone makers to expand access to the latest Android beta. So, you won't need one of Google's Pixel devices to get a look at Android Q Beta 3. Google is working with 12 OEMs to support a whopping 21 phones on the Android Q Beta.

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Android Q Beta registration is going live

Beta registration for Android Q is going live as we speak. Some have already been able to register their devices and receive OTAs, while others are still seeing the old landing page. Either way, if mucking about in ADB or unlocking your bootloader doesn't appeal to you, this method is a bit easier.

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Download the Android Q beta for your Pixel phone now (all models)

After a bit of hand-wringing (sorry about that) Android Q is finally, actually here. This latest version may still lack a formal, dessert-themed name, but it's now available for all Pixel phones — including the nearly three-year-old 2016 Pixel and Pixel XL. Both factory images and sideloadable OTAs are live.

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Even more phones will get early Android beta updates this year

At last year's I/O, Google surprised many of us by announcing that the Android P beta would not only be available on the Pixel line-up, but also on select devices from other manufacturers. Project Treble played a huge role in making that possible, and things are going to be even better this year: more companies will be part of the Q beta than P.

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The official Android Beta community moves from Google+ to Reddit

Every Google+ community is looking for a new home, and that's the case for the Android Beta group, which was previously hosted on Google+ with over 163000 members. The moderators are now packing up their things, taking the paintings off the walls, labelling all boxes, renting a big truck, and inviting all their friends to help them move to Reddit with the lure of free pizza*. (*free pizza is fictional.)

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[Update: OTA rolling out] Android P Developer Preview 3 factory images and OTA downloads are up

Back in March, Google put forward a schedule for Android P developer previews which implied we'd be seeing DP3/P Beta 2 landing in early June. That target seems to have been accurate, as factory and OTA images for DP3 have just been posted, though the OTA doesn't seem to be rolling out in the more traditional sense just yet.

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[Update: Google resolves endless OTA loop] Google is updating Nexus 6P beta testers to the final 7.1.2 build [OTA Download]

Google's Android beta program allows the more intrepid among you to take a first crack at new updates, but it can be a little irksome to then move to the final build. For example, the 7.1.2 testers are still running the beta while the final version has rolled out to non-testers. Now, it looks like Google has started updating the beta build to final, but only for the Nexus 6P so far.

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