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Android Accessibility Suite 7.3 exits beta, brings screen search and other TalkBack additions [APK Download]

Accessibility options have come a long way in Android, especially in the last year or two. The aptly-named Android Accessibility Suite, formerly TalkBack, just hit v7.3 stable, adding some refinements to the Accessibility Menu and other new options like screen search and additions to continuous reading.

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Android Accessibility Suite 7.2 adds camera support to Select to Speak, TalkBack control changes, and more

Earlier this year, Google rebranded Android's TalkBack app under the more generic name Android Accessibility Suite — an understandable decision given the app had expanded beyond merely providing text to speech functionality. Now version 7.2 of the Android Accessibility Suite has been released to the Play Store, bringing with it camera-based text to speech, fast-forward/rewind controls for TalkBack, and a handful of improvements.

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Google rebrands TalkBack app as Android Accessibility Suite

For smartphone users who are blind or visually impaired, Google TalkBack is a vital tool that facilitates eyes-free operation of any Android device. TalkBack is just one aspect of the app, however, and that's probably why Google has renamed it Android Accessibility Suite.

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