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[Update: Available for more devices] OmniROM begins weekly Oreo 8.1 builds

OmniROM was a popular custom ROM back in the Jelly Bean/KitKat era, especially because of its multi-window feature and wide device support. The project has scaled back its reach over the years, like most custom ROMs (except LineageOS), but it still maintains a dedicated user base.

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Android 8.1 update confirmed for Nokia 2, with some Android Go optimizations included

HMD Global confirmed in September that the entire line of Nokia phones would be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo. The confirmation didn't explicitly mention the Nokia 2, because it hadn't been officially announced at that point, leaving some to wonder if HMD's super-budget model would be left on Nougat. Juho Sarvikas, Chief Product Officer at HMD Global, has confirmed on Twitter that the Nokia 2 will actually jump straight to Android 8.1.

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Android 8 Oreo may be causing Wi-Fi connection problems for some with mesh routers like Netgear's Orbi

If you've been having trouble with your Netgear Orbi mesh network, and you have a Pixel or Pixel 2, then your phone might be to blame. Or, at least, the software on it. There are many reports of spontaneous access point reboots, crashes, and intermittent connection issues for those using mesh network access points with devices running Android Oreo. 

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Android 8.1 may have made the Pixel 2 XL's fingerprint unlock slower for some

Have you noticed that it takes just a bit longer to unlock your Pixel 2 XL when you use the fingerprint reader? If so, you aren't alone. In the last few weeks since the update, there have been multiple reports that the Pixel 2 XL takes about a second longer to unlock the device when using the fingerprint reader. The good news is that Google is looking into it. 

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Android 8.1 DP2 fixes poor audio Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL experienced when recording video

One of the many issues the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have been revealed to have is poor audio while recording video. While we're not sure if this affects all units, it definitely affected Artem's, and I've noticed the problem in some videos I've shot as well on my Pixel 2 XL. Google has confirmed that the problem has been resolved in the second 8.1 Oreo developer preview, and we've got video samples from before and after to prove it.

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Android 8.1 feature spotlight: DP2 restores the sRGB toggle in Developer options

Google can be rather indecisive at times, which often leads to a cycle of adding and removing things from different versions of Android – usually after a user backlash of some sort. With the first developer preview of Android 8.1, Google removed the 'Picture color mode' sRGB toggle from original Pixels and Nexus phones. You'll be pleased to learn that order has now been restored.

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Google hasn't actually enabled Pixel Visual Core in 8.1 Oreo DP1, updates docs to say it'll come in DP2

The Pixel Visual Core is Google's first in-house chip, and it was supposed to have been enabled in Android 8.1 Developer Preview 1. However, developers looking to try it out were unable to do so, eventually realizing that Google had neglected to enable it for the public preview. Now, the company has updated its documents to say that Visual Core will be able to be tried out in 8.1 Developer Preview 2.

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Android 8.1 fixes invisible Do Not Disturb toggle issue from 8.0 Oreo

Believe it or not, Android 8.0 Oreo actually debuted with an invisible Do Not Disturb toggle in the volume popup. This DND toggle is enabled through the System UI Tuner, so not everyone saw it. If you knew where the toggle was, it still worked, but this was a bit of a stupid mistake for Google to make in the first place. The Android 8.1 developer preview fixes this problem and adds a DND toggle that we can actually see.

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Google pulled the Pixel 2's Android 8.1 developer preview factory images

Looks like there are a few more hiccups to be found with Google's Android 8.1 developer preview. In addition to pulling all the OTA files, Google has also placed a hold on the developer preview factory image for the new Pixel 2, though images for other devices, such as the larger Pixel 2 XL, are still available. The explanation? A bootloader configuration issue. 

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Android 8.1 feature spotlight: Power off and restart screens get a new coat of paint, and restart screen now says 'Restarting...'

Restart functionality has been in many Android skins for years, but Google only officially introduced it to stock Android last year with Android 7.1. However, the pop-up that appeared when you hit the restart button still showed the default text for a shut-down instead of 'Restarting...', which is much more logical. Android 8.1 Oreo fixes this issue, and brings a splash of color to both the shut-down and restart screens to go with the new power menu design.

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