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AOSP Changelogs Posted For July's Android 6.0.1 Security Updates

July's security updates went live a couple of days ago for all of the currently supported Nexus devices. The Pixel C is still unaccounted for, but it's not that unusual for it to lag a few days behind. There were some late-breaking updates for hardware drivers this month, which may also contribute to some delay on the Pixel C. In the meantime, there are plenty of changes to check out this month.

There are eight separate changelogs this month, but some of these are empty, created for Google's internal use. I've marked the ones that simply change a build number. As usual, Google's security bulletin contains explanations for most of the changes, but there are probably a couple of subtle bug fixes too.

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Wileyfox Storm gets Cyanogen OS 13 update with Android Marshmallow

Wileyfox and Cyanogen formed a partnership last summer to deliver smartphones running Cyanogen OS to Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. The Wileyfox Swift was the second phone to get version 13 of the operating system. Now the Wileyfox Storm is getting that same update.

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Huawei releases Marshmallow for the Honor 5X with EMUI 4.0

See that green bugdroid above? It's carrying a heavy(ly customized) version of Marshmallow specially to your Huawei Honor 5X. Wrapped tightly with it is a new version of EMUI for the device: 4.0.

In terms of Marshmallow, you should expect the usual features that we've been talking about for nearly a year now: Now on Tap (which is getting more useful with time), Doze mode for better battery optimization while idle, better volume controls, a new open apps menu, and more.

As for EMUI 4.0, it brings a few interesting modifications. There's motion control to launch different apps or perform some actions while the screen is off (draw M to launch the music player, double tap to wake, etc), a personalized navigation bar with a notification drop-down shortcut à la LG, one-handed mode, different drag locations to drop the notification shade or the toggle shortcuts, and a few more.

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ASUS ZenFone Zoom and ZenFone Selfie start getting Android Marshmallow OTA

ASUS is working hard to meet its self-imposed deadline of upgrading several ZenFone devices to Marshmallow before the end of Q2 2016. We're technically in July and Q3 already, but we'll give the company a little leeway for almost-making it on time with these two new OTAs.

After the ZenFone Max and a couple of variants of the ZenFone 2 Laser, ASUS is now starting to roll out Android 6.0 Marshmallow to the ZenFone Zoom (ZX551KL) and ZenFone Selfie (ZD551KL).

The ZenFone Zoom is moving to firmware version while the Zenfone Selfie is going up to Both devices are shedding a lot of preloaded apps (read: bloat) and gaining a couple of new apps from Google and/or Facebook.

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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge get Marshmallow updates

Marshmallow is making its way to Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge owners in the US. If you're on T-Mobile, you're next on the list. The Un-carrier is now sending out OTA updates to people on its network.

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AT&T finally releases Android 6.0 Marshmallow for Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+

If you have an AT&T Galaxy Note 5 or S6 edge+, start checking for an OTA update - oh, and make some... time for the download. Around 1400MB of Marshmallow are headed your way, and knowing AT&T's ultra-slow OTA servers, it's going to take you an hour or two to actually get them. AT&T has posted the update pages - for the Note 5 here and S6 edge+ here.

What's packed in this OTA? Hopefully a heaping helping of idle battery life-saving doze mode goodness, along with Marshmallow's granular permissions model, and a whole lot of smaller changes. While many of the UI-facing updates from Android 6.0 won't affect TouchWiz, there are some feature changes lurking that you should be aware of, so check out our feature spotlight series here for a refresher course.

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[Flash All The Things] June 2016 Marshmallow Nexus And Pixel C OTA Roundup

June's Android security updates started rolling out earlier this week, but you could still be waiting for them if they're going out in batches. Those of you who are too impatient can get the full factory image and flash it or download the smaller OTA files linked here and sideload them. Cody already posted the detailed changelog if you want to read about all the changes, but if you're just interested in the links, here they are.

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Paranoid Android Custom ROM Returns With New Features And Fresh Marshmallow Builds For Nexus And OnePlus Devices

It's been a while since we've heard anything from the Paranoid Android ROM team. Perhaps that's because ROM flashing has fallen by the wayside a bit as stock and skinned Android has made serious improvements, perhaps it's because a lot of the original team was hired by OnePlus to work on its Oxygen OS builds. Whatever the reason, they're back now. While PA is definitely late to the Marshmallow party (the last time they issued a major release was almost a year ago), the team has been revitalized with new developers and support for new devices.

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Alcatel Is Finally Rolling Out Android 6.0 For The Unlocked Idol 3

The Idol 3 was a solid phone when it came out last year, but Alcatel quickly fell behind on Android updates. As of now, this phone is still running 5.0.2, but that's about to change. The Marshmallow update is going to start hitting devices today. Like they say, better late than never.

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Asus ZenFone Max ZC550KL Gets Android Marshmallow Update

Asus has promised to release Android Marshmallow for many of its ZenFone devices by the second quarter of 2016 and it seems to be rushing now to make good on its deadline. The first device to get the update was the ZenFone 2 Laser ZE500KL and ZE550KL, and today another model joins it: the ZenFone Max.

The ZenFone Max isn't just good enough to star in a series of speed rapping videos, it's also great if you want a phone that lasts for two days straight thanks to a hefty 5000mAh battery. This update that it should start receiving OTA today is version WW_13.8.26.31.

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