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Google Translate 4.3 Includes Systemwide Translation Option For Devices Running Marshmallow

Are you tired of having to copy text, flip to the Translate app, paste the text, copy the translated text, then paste it back into whatever you're working on? It appears Google has you covered, as long as you're running Android 6.0. Taking advantage of Marshmallow's new contextual selection functionality, it appears that the latest version of the Google Translate app has added the ability to translate words on the fly from text fields that follow the new Text Selection behavior.

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Source: New "Nexus 5" By LG Will Feature Snapdragon 808, 5.2" 1080p Display, 3GB RAM, 2700mAh Battery, USB-C, And More

We've received information from a reliable source detailing basic specifications for the upcoming 5.2" Nexus phone being produced by LG. First things first: we don't even know if Nexus 5 is the name. And because it's probably the most-wanted piece of information: we don't know excactly how much it will cost, other than to say it's likely it will be at a sub-flagship level. Does that mean $300? $400? $500? We really don't know, so your guess is as good as ours here.

Getting back to the major specifications, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 808 will be powering the whole show, and that's no real surprise - the 808 has been consistently rumored to feature in one of the two alleged upcoming Nexus phones.

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Android Marshmallow Preview 3 Adds Per-App Battery Usage In mAh (Milliamp-Hours) To Battery Use Details Area

While Android's own battery stats have always been quite robust compared to, say, iOS, many have long yearned for even more practical but granular statistics to help them evaluate their device's power consumption. In the third Android 6.0 developer preview, Google has now added a new field to battery stats for individuals apps: usage of battery capacity in mAh.

Screenshot_20150818-135438 Screenshot_20150818-135403 Screenshot_20150818-135448

Milliamp-hours are used (as opposed to milliwatt-hours) because this is how smartphone batteries are rated to consumers, and the unit more or less works if you just want a device-specific measurement of consumption. Of course, because it's a computed usage, it's hard to say how accurate or meaningful the figure really is (if you have any insight on this, feel free to enlighten us in the comments).

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Android M AOSP Changelog Posted For Preview 2 And Preview 3


[Update: New Images] Android M Developer Preview 3 Images Now Available For The Nexus 5, 6, 9, And Player

Still reeling from the reveal of the official Android Marshmallow statue at the Googleplex and the confirmation that the new version is Android 6.0? Well hold on to your butts, because there's more coming. In addition to the new reveals, Google has published the third version of the Android M Developer Preview. Presumably this latest release is pretty close to the final version that we should be seeing on new devices and over-the-air updates later this year.

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Download Nine New Wallpapers From The Latest Android Marshmallow Developer Preview

We're getting very close to the final version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. See? We even have a name now. The third developer preview just came out and it contains fixes, UI tweaks, and so on. None of that will do you any good right now, but the new wallpapers it ships with will work just fine on your current device. You can grab all nine new images below.

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The Latest Android Marshmallow Preview Comes With A Spiffy New Boot Animation


There's a new developer preview for Android M—oh wait, I mean Marshmallow, and that means lots of new features and tweaks to explore. Among the most obvious changes is a new boot animation that greets you upon starting up the device.

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Marshmallow Is Android 6.0, As Confirmed By Newest SDK

The next version number for Android is 6.0! We've confirmed the new version number in the official Android SDK, which was just updated moments ago to add the new platform. As for the name, we know it's Marshmallow, as per the statue which was just unveiled at Google HQ in Mountain View.


It also looks like the third developer preview is here alongside the SDK. Google says preview three will be the final Android 6.0 developer preview.

If you want more proof, here's Developer Preview 3 running on a Nexus 6.

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