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This is what that 'Google X enrollment' notification on your phone means

When you upgrade to Android 11, you might notice a mysterious-sounding "X Google enrollment" notification appear on first boot, saying "enrollment is running in the background." It disappears after a few seconds, and though it might sound odd, it's no cause for concern: It's just related to the Google Assistant. In fact, Google plans on tweaking the notification in the future to be more clear about what's going on.

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Android 11's new media controls remain buggy in public release

The final release of Android 11 earlier this month brought a ton of new features and improvements, but there was bound to be a bug or two with so many changes. The new media controls make the audio-listening experience a lot nicer, but they're still in need of some polish: some apps with currently playing audio can't be controlled unless you expand the quick settings panel.

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Android 11 is finally rolling out to Pixel users in India

A big reason for getting a Pixel phone is that you get major Android updates on release day. Android 11, which debuted last week, reached everyone right on time — well, not everyone really. Google stalled the update for a week in India as it still needed some fine-tuning ahead of a formal release. After a long and borderline excruciating wait, Android 11 is finally hitting Pixel phones in India.

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11 new Android 11 features you should know about

Android 11 is finally here! Well, sort of. The update is already rolling out to Google Pixel phones, and will come to more devices in the coming weeks and months. Much like the past few Android OS updates, there aren't any radical design changes or features that will completely change how you use your phone, but there are plenty of smaller improvements worth talking about.

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The Asus ZenFone 6 just got its first Android 11 beta

Google just released Android 11, and many manufacturers have already started beta programs ahead of launching the new OS on their devices. Asus has just joined the list, as a post on the official ZenFone 6 community forum reveals.

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6 features in Android 11 that Samsung One UI had first

Android updates aren't really about new features these days, since most new functionality is delivered through updates to the Play Store, Google Play Services, or individual system apps. Over the past few years, system upgrades have largely served to introduce new APIs and security/privacy improvements that can't be rolled out through app updates (or implemented in manufacturer skins), from expiring permissions to Scoped Storage.

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Google ruined the quick settings panel in Android 11

Android 11 has been stable for a bit, and while it brought many improvements to the table, there are also a few regressions. One of these is a small but significant change to the quick settings tiles. Compared to earlier versions of the OS, Android 11 only displays two rows instead of three, even when the new media player isn't in use.

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Android Auto is very broken on Android 11

Operating systems are incredibly complex pieces of software, so it's perhaps not too surprising that despite several beta releases, a few bugs snuck into the final release of Android 11. The update has apparently caused issues with Android Auto, leading to some drivers being unable to play music or read notifications.

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Android 11's sound picker will work with cast devices, but apps will need to be updated to support it

Android 11 introduced a nifty new interface for controlling media playback that lives among the quick settings tiles rather than the notifications. In it, there's also a button that allows you to choose the sound output (which has actually been around since Android 10). At the moment, it's only populated by your phone's speakers and bluetooth sources, even though it seems like adding Chromecast-enabled devices would be a no-brainer. It looks like Google thought the same, but it will have to be implemented by every single media app out there.

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Google Pixel owners are getting futuristic AR location sharing in Maps

Live View in Maps is one of Google's more impressive technologies. It guides you through the real world via an AR overlay on your screen, showing you exactly which way to turn, which is pretty handy when you're in an unfamiliar city and have an unreliable compass. Starting with Pixel phones running Android 11, Google is making this feature even more useful. When a friend is sharing their location with you, you'll be able to navigate to them via Live View.

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