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Android 11 will have 3 developer previews and 3 betas before releaseThe "developer preview" is back for Android 11

You can grab the very first version of Android 11 today. The release timeline is similar to last year, but developers will get a little more support as they prepare for the new release. Google's VP of engineering Dave Burke has also called attention to the new distinction between preview and beta builds.

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Here's where to download the first Android 11 Developer Preview factory images and OTA filesOTA and factory images are up, you can pull them down here

Android 11 is here — or, at least, the first super-unstable, not-for-daily-driving Developer Preview is here. Although we'll get a more stable build in the coming months, right now the only way to try out this new version is to flash it the old-fashioned way with a manual download and sideload. Here's where you can pull those images down.

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Project Mainline in Android 11 adds twelve new updatable modulesTotals 20 with expansions into more permissions, scoped storage management, new APIs, and more

Project Mainline was one of the most welcome improvements in Android 10 and it's already credited for delivering some valuable security patches and subtle enhancements. With Android 11, the role of Project Mainline will be growing even more substantial and will introduce 12 new modules that will open up even more potential for Android to improve without the need for full blown firmware updates.

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Google briefly teases Android 11 Developer Preview as it begins prepping beta site (Update: Changes reverted)

Google has just pushed live a series of changes to its Developer Preview site, which makes reference to Android 11. Sadly, all the external pages it links to have yet to be updated, including the list of changes present in Android 11 and the page to register devices.

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