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Android 11 Beta 2 now available for the OnePlus 8 series

Just like with last year's Android 10 beta program, Google isn't the only company allowing people to try out the latest and greatest OS on their phones. OnePlus is one of several manufacturers with an opt-in Android 11 beta software track, and now people with a OnePlus 8 or 8 Plus can try out Beta 2.

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Android 11's launcher lets you swipe up on secondary homescreens to go back to the main one

When Google first introduced its take on gesture navigation with Android 10, one navigation option die-hard Android fans are used to disappeared — there was no longer a way to quickly jump back from a secondary homescreen to the first page, which you could do by tapping the home button. Android 11 is looking to fix that.

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Android 11's screen recorder finally records device audio in Beta 2

After limited and ultimately abandoned experiments with a native screen recorder in Android 10 betas, Android 11 seems to be poised to ship with one. Compared to third-party screen recorders, the built-in solution used to come with one big caveat, though: It couldn't record internal device audio. That's thankfully changing with Android 11 Beta 2, as the recorder finally adds a dropdown that lets you choose from which source you want to record.

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Android 11 Beta 2 is out — just one more beta planned before release

Android 11 Beta 2 officially lands today. For developers, that means we've reached a milestone called "Platform Stability," so everything they need to care about when it comes to making apps compatible is now final — the platform won't change before the stable release in Q3. For consumers, that means there's only one more beta before Android 11 is formally released, and we'll probably see a few more features and tweaks in this latest version.

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