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MediaTek has been caught cheating on benchmarks, and it's not pretty

Though individual phone manufacturers have been accused of cheating on benchmarks in the past, it's usually a relatively localized problem: Only certain phones from certain companies were disingenuously using a higher-performing mode when running certain apps. But according to a report by Anandtech, MediaTek has integrated this sort of "cheating" into the software it gives phone manufacturers to use its chipsets. Essentially, almost all MediaTek phones running certain chipsets are "cheating" on benchmarks.

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AnandTech Posts Side-By-Side NAND Performance For Nexus 6 Encrypted Vs. Unencrypted - It's Not Pretty

As many of you doubtless know by now, Google's first Android 5.0 devices ship with full-disk encryption enabled out of the box - encryption that can't be disabled without flashing a new ROM to the device. We've heard from at least one source that this encryption shouldn't really affect on-device performance noticeably, but new benchmarks from Anandtech seem to suggest otherwise.

The heavily tech-focused review and news site didn't publish storage benchmarks for the Nexus 6 in their review, because the app used - Androbench - was deemed to be producing inaccurate results on Lollipop devices (and it definitely is). They tried another app that allegedly shouldn't run into these problems, called ANDEBench PRO (which I think is about to get a lot more downloads).

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