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The new Google Marketing Platform replaces DoubleClick starting July 24

Google announced last month that it would be restructuring a number of its marketing and analytics tools into fewer brands with names that more clearly reflect what the products actually do. Part of the new slate of offerings is going live tomorrow in Google Marketing Platform, a combination of Google's existing DoubleClick and Analytics 360 suites.

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Facebook Analytics is now available on the Play Store

Facebook Analytics, a tool that helps brands measure things like customer engagement, now has its own app. The service offers insights into user demographics, app usage, and more, and can even send push notifications when significant anomalies from normal user activity occur.

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Cloudflare reveals its new networking analytics Mobile SDK to help developers improve app performance

Analytics is a big business. It's not just about building a product, you need to know how to optimize it. Time can be spent more efficiently when you have the data required to point you in the direction of problems. To that end, Cloudflare—of DDoS mitigation fame—is releasing the Cloudflare Mobile SDK to help app developers better optimize networking performance. 

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Motorola doubled its marketshare and shipped twice as many phones this year

Motorola's acquisition by Lenovo has been a mixed bag, at the very least. While the company still makes some of the best budget phones around (like the G5 Plus), it has largely stopped delivering speedy Android updates, and its product lineup gets more confusing by the month. Despite those problems, Motorola is still doing just fine in the United States, and even doubled its market share compared to this time last year.

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OnePlus reverses course on analytics data collection after public outcry

The latest mis-step from OnePlus occurred a few days ago, when a software engineer discovered that OxygenOS (the default ROM for OnePlus phones) was sending massive amounts of analytics data to the company. While many companies collect some amount of data to help fix bugs, OnePlus' data collection was far more than necessary. Some of the information being sent to the company's servers included the phone's IMEI number, the phone number, MAC addresses, mobile network names and IMSI prefixes, Wi-Fi connection info, the phone's serial number, and every app that was ever opened.

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[Never Settle] OnePlus found to be collecting personally identifiable analytics data from phone owners

Analytics data is important for any software project. The data can help developers figure out what features people use, what bugs need to be fixed, and what/where the target market is. OnePlus, in its never-ending mission to make itself the worst Android phone manufacturer on the planet, has been discovered collecting massive amounts of analytics data from phone owners. The collected data includes IMEI numbers, MAC addresses, mobile network names and IMSI prefixes, serial numbers, and more.

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[Not Calendar] Google's AdSense and Analytics sites get a Material Design makeover

Ever since its introduction many, many moons ago, Material Design was promised as an adaptable design language that's suited for our modern web: it works across platforms, it feels vibrant and responsive, and it brings layers and a sense of real interactions with something as static as a flat mobile or desktop screen. But even Google hasn't been diligent about implementing Material Design in its own sites. Contacts and Google+ are perhaps the most prominent two that got the makeover, but other entities still lag behind. (Like Calendar... Why?!)

Today, however, is a happy day for MD lovers who also happen to manage sites or ads — ie, probably not many of our readers.

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Google Analytics 3.2 adds landscape support and a handful of other improvements

Analytics may not be one of Google's most widely used apps, but it's an invaluable tool for administrators, website or app developers, bloggers, and anyone else who makes things using computers and the World Wide Web. The new version, 3.2, adds in a few improvements, namely landscape support and speed gains across the board.

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YouTube Creator Studio v1.4 Tidies Up Its Look And Adds A Bunch Of New Analytics

Here's a little secret about people who run YouTube channels: a lot of them are obsessed with analytics. There's just something about having numbers that compels them to track, analyze, and obsess over every detail. This is the one thing they definitely have in common with website operators and certain types of sports fans. If you happen to be among this crowd, you're probably going to love the latest update to YouTube Creator Studio. It is now absolutely packed with new analytics about your channels, individual videos, audience, earnings, and more. Along the way, it also saw a little bit of restyling to clean up the interface and make it just a little more consistent and easier to read.

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Play Games Service Preparing To Add New Event Tracking Reports, Player Stats API, And Repeating Quests

Building a good, profitable game these days is more challenging than ever. Players are more demanding, business models require more creativity (at least they should), and there are plenty of competitors that are just as desperate to hold the attention of players for as long as possible. Since users are all over the world and generally don't point a camera at themselves while they play, the hardest part is actually figuring out what works and doesn't work for them. Google Play Games is trying to help with that by launching some very informative tools that can help make player behavior a little easier to understand.

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