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AmpMe adds Spotify streaming to its multi-device music party app

AmpMe, the app that turns several phones into perfectly synchronized speakers for the same music, has seen many updates since its release in 2015. At first, the app only supported SoundCloud as a music source, but it has added local music and YouTube, and improved its app to synchronize Bluetooth speakers as well (with their delays). Now the service is adding one of its most requested features: Spotify support.

You can choose to stream music from Spotify in AmpMe, just like you would choose YouTube or SoundCloud or your local library. But you will have to sign in with your premium Spotify account for that to work.

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[Update: Developer clarifies how the setup works] AmpMe update now syncs multiple Bluetooth speakers from different manufacturers together to really irritate your neighbors

In my home, we have neighbors that love to be loud. People over almost every night, lots of banging, and music so loud that I can feel the bass in my chest. So along comes the latest update to AmpMe, an app that lets you sync together multiple Bluetooth devices. The app itself is not new, but the company behind it announced today that it now supports connecting speakers from different manufacturers into one sound system.

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AmpMe Now Lets You Synchronize YouTube Music Across Multiple Phones

We've followed AmpMe's development ever since its release in October last year as a multi-device music streaming experience, and we've liked it more with each update, especially when it added local music as an audio source and then implemented an offline mode. This latest update, however, is definitely one of the most promising as it opens up the app to a whole slew of new music: AmpMe is adding YouTube as a music source. Yes, that YouTube. Yes, all of YouTube. This is HUGE.

Now when you start a new party in AmpMe, you can choose between SoundCloud, your local music, and YouTube.

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AmpMe Adds Offline Mode Support And Auto-Join, Makes It Easier Than Ever To Stream Music Across Phones

When I took my first look at AmpMe, the app that turns your phones and tablets into multiple speakers for the same song, I applauded the app's interface, automatic sound syncing, SoundCloud implementation, and iOS support. However, a few missing features were holding it back (especially compared to SoundSeeder), namely the lack of local music and Google Play Music support as well as the requirement for an active and fast connection to stream everything.

AmpMe remedied part of the first issue by adding local music playback (still no Play Music, unfortunately) and it's fixing the second problem now by adding offline and local WiFi streaming.

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AmpMe Turns Multiple Phones Into Speakers For Your Music: How It Works And How It Compares To SoundSeeder

The idea of using multiple phones as speakers to play the same music isn't new. It was popularized by Samsung's Group Cast way back in the Galaxy S3 days and has since gotten over that proprietary requirement thanks to third-party apps like SoundSeeder that made it possible to tune Android devices together, regardless of their brand. As a newcomer in the field, AmpMe has a lot to prove against tough and established competition. The app manages a few victories thanks to cross-platform compatibility, but loses in terms of services supported. For now, that's only SoundCloud, although the developers say more are coming.

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