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[Deal Alert] Refurbished Amazon Tap is just $64.99 ($45 off) as part of Amazon's Deal of the Day

More and more Bluetooth speakers are coming out with Amazon Alexa support these days, including Ultimate Ears' new BLAST and MEGABLAST. But if you don't want to shell out $230 on a speaker, Amazon is now offering refurbished units of the Tap for just $64.99 as part of its Deal of the Day.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Tap is down to $79.99 ($50 off) for today only

The Amazon Tap has always been a solid option for a portable Bluetooth speaker, especially since it has all the functionality of the Echo and Echo Dot. The speaker has occasionally dropped in price since it was released, but this is the lowest it's been yet - $79.99. That's a whopping $50 off the MSRP.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Echo is $99 ($80 off), Fire 7 with offers is $39, and more at Amazon

Amazon makes some pretty great hardware these days, from Alexa-powered smart speakers to the cheap-but-still-pretty-good Fire tablets. Most of Amazon's hardware lineup is currently on sale, with notable deals including the Echo for $99 ($80 off) and the Fire 7 tablet with special offers for $39.99 ($10 off).

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Amazon Tap firmware update enables Echo-style hands free voice commands

Here's an interesting example of a product getting better with age. The Amazon Tap speaker was introduced as a mobile, battery-powered alternative to the Echo, with access to the same Alexa voice commands, but limited in that it could only accept said commands with a button press. This made the less-expensive Tap, while interesting, not all that much better than a smartphone for voice searches. But the latest firmware update from Amazon enables hands-free Alexa commands, like the Echo and Google's Assistant on the Google Home. Talk about a value add.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Echo only $139.99 (20% off), Echo Dot is $39.99 (20% off), and Amazon Tap is $89.99 (31% off)

Although the Google Home has recently been released, Amazon's Echo/Dot/Tap devices are still excellent. With far more abilities than Google Assistant has at the moment, Alexa is still the king (or queen?) assistant platform for controlling smart home devices and communicating with online services. Now you can grab Amazon's various Alexa-powered devices for lower prices.

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Deal: Order with Alexa, get $50 off Amazon Tap (today) or $10 off any order $20 or more (through 7/12)

We have covered the Amazon Tap, Echo, and Echo Dot before, and even though there are some discoverability issues with finding the Alexa commands you want, we still think the platform has great potential – as long as it can keep up when the competition gets hot.

Among those many voice commands are – naturally – options for buying stuff online through Amazon. If you’ve been holding off on voice ordering, now might be a good time to give it a go. You’ll get $10 off your first purchase over $20 (this deal will work on Prime Day, too), and that includes these items that already have an exclusive Alexa discount, also valid through July 12th:

And for today only (July 8th), you can get an Amazon Tap for $79, that’s a 39% discount - we haven’t seen it for much less than the usual retail price of $129.99, so this is an excellent time to buy if you’ve been on the fence.

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Amazon's Tap And Echo Dot Are Now Shipping Out To Customers

Amazon's second generation of Alexa-enabled gadgets is ready to go. The Amazon Tap, a smaller, battery-powered version of the Amazon Echo, as well as the Echo Dot, which can use external speakers for its primary function, should both be heading out to those who purchased them after their recent announcement. The latter is only available to Amazon Prime members who order using Amazon's voice service, with a Kindle Fire tablet or Fire TV. The Tap, along with its cover accessories, are both labelled as "in stock" on Amazon's US storefront.

Both devices represent an expansion of Amazon's Alexa voice command platform, which is itself a competitor to services like Google Now, Apple's Siri, and Microsoft's Cortana.

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