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Amazon adds AR view to help you see products in your environment before you buy them

Visualizing furniture and products before buying them is one of the most reasonable uses of AR technology. Lots of buyers have difficulty imagining how things would fit in their home; when we were furnishing our apartment, we used tape on the floor to denote the limits of most things we had our eyes on before going back to purchase them because we needed to see how they'd fit. Augmented Reality makes this easier and better by putting the object there in front of you, and several retailers have used the technology before in their apps. Now so is Amazon.

After launching on iOS, the Amazon Shopping app on Android devices with ARCore (which expanded to more phones recently) will start showing a new AR View option when you tap the camera icon in the search box, letting you put furniture, toys, decor, appliances, electronics, and more in front of you so you can see how well they would fit in your space.

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Amazon app adds virtual Dash buttons for slightly faster Prime ordering

The hook for Amazon's physical Dash buttons is an easy thing to understand: hide little Wi-Fi connected buttons around your house, then press them when you're low on toilet paper in the bathroom, or dishwasher detergent in the kitchen, or imported all-natural small batch coconut oil in the bedroom, and the relevant product will automatically be bought via your Amazon account and shipped out in a couple of days. Now Amazon has made virtual Dash buttons for its website and shopping apps... so you can shop for stuff while you shop for stuff, I guess?

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How To Buy A New Amazon Echo Dot Without Using Alexa Or Fire TV

Amazon really wants people to use voice command to buy stuff. So much so that the new Echo Dot, the smaller, cheaper version of the Amazon Echo that can use an existing speaker can only be bought through voice commands, specifically on an existing Amazon Echo unit or through Amazon's Fire TV platform. At least, that's what the launch announcement says. It turns out you can get one through the Amazon Android storefront app just as easily, no extra hardware required (though you do need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber). Here we go:

1. Download and install the Amazon Shopping app on an Android phone or tablet.

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Amazon Will Give You And Your Friends $5 Each For Using The Amazon Shopping App For The First Time (US Only)

What can you get for $5 on Amazon? How about a set of unicorn-themed temporary tattoos, or a Cydni Lauper compilation CD, or a potholder that looks like a Russian nesting doll? Any of these fine treasures can be yours for free, if you can convince one of your friends to buy something using the Amazon Shopping app for Android. Oh, and they'll get $5 too, just for being invited. Russian nesting doll potholders for everyone!

The latest update to the shopping app, version 5.9, says as much in the changelog.

Invite your friends to use the Amazon Shopping App.

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Amazon Shopping App Adds Gift Card Scanning, Voice Commands, And Support In The Latest Update

Readers, we have a confession to make. This update to the Amazon shopping app actually came out on June 30th, over two weeks ago. Sorry about that. We spotted it, both on the Play Store and on APK Mirror, but didn't notice anything particularly new about it because Amazon neglected to upload a change log. They've done so today, and the new version ( on my Nexus 6) actually adds some important new features to the app.

First of all, you can now use the official Amazon shopping app in Mexico thanks to the expansion announced last month. If you've received an Amazon gift card (paradoxically available at many retailers which Amazon actively competes with), you can now scan it with your smartphone's camera to add the credit instead of laboriously punching in numbers.

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Amazon Updates Its Applications With An Improved Loading Animation [APK Download]

Amazon recently had to remove its main application from the Play Store because it included a parallel and competing app store. It replaced it with "Amazon Shopping," which is basically the same thing minus the Amazon Appstore. This new app has received a minor facelift today that improves one of the first things you see when you launch it.


Old loading animation

New loading animation with a subtle orange bar

New loading animation with a subtle orange bar

The pesky grey loading circle, a relic from Android's past, has finally disappeared, to be replaced by a cool, pulsating, and minimal orange loading bar. It's more elegant, less intrusive, and doesn't make us want to scream at the Amazon developers to get with the times.

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