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Audible offers free Channels and audiobooks to Amazon Prime members

Audiobooks are a great way to 'read' when you're driving, cooking, or doing some other activity in which you want listen to something that isn't your favorite musical act. Good thing, then, that Audible is offering free streaming audio books and Channels to Amazon Prime members as part of the 'Prime Benefits' scheme.

The number of audiobooks is upwards of fifty, with the selection changing every so often, so there'll likely be something in that list for even the most picky of readers. In addition, Amazon is offering Audible's newest feature, Channels, to Prime customers, which includes things like ad-free podcasts, comedy shows, non-fiction, and narrated articles from some of the world's biggest and most well-known publishers.

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[Update: 16GB gone] Deal: NVIDIA Shield and Shield Pro $50 off on Amazon, plus free 2nd gamepad

As part of Prime Day, NVIDIA is offering the Shield and Shield Pro on Amazon for $50 off their respective MSRPs, in addition to throwing in a free second gamepad (Shield's gamepad is, by the way, excellent). Normally, the cost of a Shield 16GB console with two gamepads would be $259 - today it's just $149. The 500GB Shield Pro with a second controller would normally be $359, but for Prime Day, it's $249. That's a heck of a deal, and while Shield promotions aren't exactly rare, they're usually either a flat discount or a free remote - this deal hasn't happened before, and offers the greatest net discount on the console and its accessories we've seen yet.

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[Deal Alert] Anker's 20000mAh PowerCore portable battery pack is only $26.99 on Amazon

Anker is a solid brand in batteries, and 20000mAh is quite a bit of power. Put the two together and you have a compelling product. Drop the price down to $26.99, and you have a good deal.

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I'm going to use Amazon's "Prime Exclusive" $60 smartphone for a month

A $60 smartphone (or rather, $50 - but hold on) is basically a headline unto itself. It is a novelty solely because of its cost. And that makes talking about it in a way that doesn’t always use “yeah, but it’s only $60” as a reflexive crutch difficult. (Which is not to say I won't do that, because I will. Probably even in this post. Several times.)

BLU’s Amazon-supported R1 HD is far from the cheapest smartphone ever. And it’s far from being a revolutionary product - the only thing interesting about it is, frankly, the business model. And in particular, Amazon’s proposition that it being a nag on your lockscreen and in your app drawer is worth $50 if you’re already a Prime member.

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[Deal Alert] Moto G4 16GB $124.99 and 32GB $154.99 with Amazon offers and ads for Prime members ($75 off)

The Moto G4 is about to launch in the US on July 12 for prices starting $199.99. However, you can get it much cheaper today if you are an Amazon Prime member and you don't mind seeing ads on your lockscreen. How much cheaper? How about $75 less? Yes, that covers 75% of the cost of a yearly Prime membership and puts the Moto G4 at a ridiculously cheap price.

This is possible thanks to Amazon's newly announced Prime Exclusive Phones venture, which basically subsidizes the price of new unlocked phones by putting Amazon apps and ads on your lockscreen. It's the Kindle Fire approach applied to non-Amazon devices.

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Amazon is now selling unlocked phones at a discount in exchange for giving you bloatware and ads

I can't say I saw this coming: Amazon is getting into the unlocked smartphone business in a big way starting today. By selling you phones for a lower price... in exchange for bloatware and lockscreen ads. Yep, seriously.

Amazon announced today that the BLU R1 HD and the Moto G4 (not the Plus, though) are the first Amazon Prime Exclusive smartphones in the US. Both phones are $50 off their standard retail prices, making the BLU R1 HD just $49.99 and Moto G4 just $149.99 (the 32GB is $179.99). Amazon is even offering an additional $25 off the Moto G4 with offers and ads today as part of a special launch promo, bringing it down to $124.99 for Prime members.

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Amazon Introduces New $8.99 Monthly "Prime Video" Subscription

Sometimes you can't stomach the idea of paying a big yearly subscription price upfront, either because it feels like a big expense or because you're not ready to commit for a full year to a service that you're not sure you'll enjoy in a couple of months. That's why, despite having to pay a little bit more, companies offer a monthly subscription to make it easier for users to pay in small increments and feel like they are free to walk away anytime they want.

Amazon's Prime subscription used to be a yearly affair: pay $99 and get all the services for 12 months straight.

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[Update: Deal Is Live] Amazon Makes Prime $73 To Celebrate 'Mozart In The Jungle' Awards, And Everyone Can Watch Seasons 1 & 2 Free

I'm an Amazon Prime subscriber, but I don't watch any of the company's shows. Heck, I forget the option exists. No matter, Amazon already has my money. The online retailer/TV production company is after other folks, and so it's dropping the price of Amazon Prime to $73 this weekend (from $99).

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Sprint Offers A Free Year Of Amazon Prime To Customers Who Activate A New Samsung Phone In November

Good news, Sprint customers: you now get a free year of Amazon Prime! Maybe. If you activate a "qualifying" Samsung phone for a new line of service or a renewed line, Sprint will foot the bill for Amazon's premium shipping option for a year. The promotion starts today, and those qualifying phones are limited to the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, and the Galaxy Note 5. So basically it's just for Samsung's 2015 flagship quadruplets - you can't just run out and buy an ancient Galaxy S II for ten bucks and get $100 worth of freebies.

The offer runs through November 30th, and it's valid for Sprint customers who buy their phone outright, lease it, pay in installments, or use an old-fashioned two-year contract.

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Sonos Adds Amazon Prime Music Compatibility In The Latest Software Update

Sonos has become the de facto standard for multi-room audio systems, despite the fact that there are now several cheaper (if not better) alternatives. Today it becomes a little better still: those who use Amazon's Prime Music (which is included as a freebie if you've subscribed to Amazon Prime for the free shipping or other benefits) can now stream music directly from the Sonos system. The feature is currently in beta, according to the official Sonos company blog.

Oddly, this isn't the first time that Amazon Music and Sonos have crossed paths, just the first time it's been available specifically for the Prime section of the service.

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