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Amazon Key hardware and Cloud Cams are out today, get them here

Two weeks ago Amazon announced both the new Cloud Cam and Amazon Key service, with November 8th set as the official release date for both. According to the calendar, that day is today. Right now you can order both the standalone Cloud Cam as well as the Cloud Cam Key Edition, an Amazon Key kit, or the separate individual Amazon Key Edition smart locks. 

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Amazon announces Cloud Cam security camera and Amazon Key in-home delivery service

Around a month ago, we heard rumors that Amazon was planning to release a home security camera and a pair of smart glasses. Today, one of those became official, as Amazon announced the Cloud Cam. The intelligent indoor camera costs just $119 and aims to bring home security features to consumers who might not previously have been able to afford such hardware.

At the same time, the company is launching a new home access service called Amazon Key. This Prime-exclusive scheme is designed to allow Amazon delivery personnel to briefly enter your home and leave packages inside your door, all under that watchful gaze of the Cloud Cam.

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Amazon introduces a new discounted monthly Prime subscription price for students

Amazon Prime is awesome, let's just get that out of the way. Everyone knows most of the benefits from the subscription service by now, but the thing that I hear that keeps some people away is the cost. Despite it being not unreasonable, it's understandable that not every person can afford it. Students are typically among that category, but Amazon has announced new pricing for college kids. You can get everything Prime-related for $5.49 a month — that's the price of a decent cup of coffee on my campus.

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Amazon Prime teams up with the NFL to launch live Thursday Night Football

For NFL fans with Amazon Prime memberships, a new perk is sure to liven up your Thursday nights. Starting September 28th, with Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers, live Thursday Night Football games will be streamed on the Amazon Prime site and the Prime Video app.

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Amazon Prime Video returns to the US Play Store

For a while now, the Android app for Amazon's Prime Video streaming service was unavailable to download in the United States. At least from the Play Store, that is - the only official means of downloading it was through the Amazon Underground app. But now it seems the app has returned to the Play Store.

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[Deal Alert] Get a refurbished Echo speaker for $89.99 ($75 off) on Amazon

Amazon's Prime Day is almost upon us, but the company has been rolling out a few early deals over the past week or so. Some of Amazon's services were discounted, and a refurbished Echo Dot showed up for $29.99. In a similar vein, you can now buy a refurbished Echo speaker for $89.99. That's $75 off the usual price for refurb units, and $90 off the price of a new Echo.

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[Deal Alert] Get $10 to spend on Amazon when you stream a Prime video for the first time

You like free money, don't you? If you answered yes, then you will have to read through a series of steps and a long list of limitations to get $10 to spend on Amazon. If you answered no, then I guess you already skip any Android Police article with the words "Deal Alert" in the title.

So what do you have to do to get these free $10? Well, first, you have to be an Amazon Prime subscriber - new or existing or on free trial. Second, you have to have an eligible Amazon Video device (these include Fire TVs, streaming players, Smart TVs and DVD players, and game consoles, but not phones or computers or tablets) and to sign into your Amazon account to link this device to it.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon has pre-Prime Day deals on Kindle Unlimited (up to 40% off) and Music Unlimited subscriptions (96% off)

This July 11th marks the third annual Prime Day. While that date is still a while off, Amazon has rolled out a few deals early. So if you are a Prime subscriber, you can pick up a two-year subscription to Kindle Unlimited for $143.86 (40% off), or get a four month Music Unlimited subscription for just $1 (96% off) if you are a new subscriber. 

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Amazon has five new Prime Exclusive phones, including the Nokia 6 ($179), Moto E ($99), and Alcatel Idol 5S ($199)

Amazon will begin taking pre-orders today for five new Prime Exclusive phones from the likes of Nokia, Motorola, and Alcatel. As usual, Amazon's Prime Exclusive Offers on the lockscreen bring down the cost of the handsets considerably, making them a tempting buy if you're already a Prime subscriber. Let's break down the offerings.

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[Deal Alert] Samsung Gear 360 (1st gen) for $144.99 on Amazon, for Prime members

Samsung's first 360-degree camera, the fittingly-named Gear 360, was released in the United States in August of last year. A new model was announced alongside the Galaxy S8, and as such, prices on the original have been steadily dropping. Now you can get the 1st gen Gear 360 for $144.99 on Amazon, as long as you have Amazon Prime.

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