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Amazon Music now free for Android, iOS, and Fire TV

There's fierce competition out there in the streaming music space, and Amazon isn't playing around. After the company announced that it would make Amazon Music free on Android, iOS, Fire TV, and the web, Spotify's stock price took a 5% dive while Amazon's went up nearly 0.5%.

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Grab a third-generation Echo Dot for just $9

There seems to be an ongoing theme with smart speakers and music subscriptions these days. Right when Spotify is offering a free Google Home Mini to its paid subscribers, Amazon is running a parallel deal, dropping its entry-level speaker's price to just $1, which it's selling bundled together with an $8 monthly Music subscription.

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Amazon Music adds gapless playback and loudness normalization to its Android app

Even though we mostly write about Spotify, YouTube Music, and Google Play Music around here, we mustn't forget that Amazon Music also exists. The retail giant sets itself apart from the pack by including a limited selection of content for Prime subscribers, all while also offering a fully-fledged streaming service of its own with 50 million tunes called Music Unlimited. After rumors of a Tidal-like high-fidelity Amazon service, the company sure seems to set certain wheels into motion to allow for better audio enjoyment. In the meantime, an update to the Amazon Music Android app adds loudness normalization and gapless playback.

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Amazon Music Unlimited gets big price cut for Prime Student members

Amazon invests a ton of money into services like Prime Video and Amazon Photos for them not to get used. So, if you have a Prime Student subscription to get magic markers, USB drives, and self-care packages rushed over to your dorm in two days or less, perhaps consider getting Amazon Music Unlimited. The company is cutting the price of the add-on to just 99 cents per month.

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Alexa picks up free ad-supported Amazon Music playlists in totally non-reactionary move

Music is one of the most popular uses of smart speakers, and owners are getting more free options. Yesterday, a limited, free version of YouTube Music came to Google Home speakers, and now, Amazon is following suit with a free Amazon Music playlists and stations for Alexa devices.

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NVIDIA SHIELD upgrade 7.2 adds Amazon Music, customizable Quick Settings, and more

We just got done telling you that the SHIELD Android TV is still a great device three years after release in part because it keeps getting updates. NVIDIA isn't stopping the updates, either. A new upgrade to the SHIELD is rolling out today with Amazon Music integration, NAS improvements, customizable Quick Settings, and more.

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[Update: Shield-only] Amazon Music is coming to Android TV, and you can pre-register now

Whether it's a sound bar or an elaborate surround sound setup, a lot of people's best speakers are attached to their TVs. A lot of people also have Amazon Music, whether or not they realize it; the service comes free with Amazon Prime. Owners of Android TV hardware will soon be able to use those speakers to listen to that music, as a Play Store listing for a TV version of Amazon Music has appeared.

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Amazon Music app can now 'cast' music to Alexa speakers

There has never been a way to remotely play media on an Amazon Echo speaker or third-party Alexa device, at least in the same way that can be done on Chromecasts. Amazon today introduced 'Alexa Cast,' a new feature that aims to solve this problem - but it's only in one app right now.

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Amazon Music app adds Chromecast support

Amazon and Google's relationship over the past few years has been nothing short of an epic love-war popcorn-worthy chess battle. Amazon removes Chromecasts from its store, Google disables YouTube on Echo Shows, Amazon removes the Prime Video app from the Play Store then for some reason returns it. Now in one surprisingly nice move, Amazon has added Chromecast support to its Music app, maybe finally realizing that locking users out of certain functions or devices doesn't do it any good.

The Chromecast integration has been showing up for a couple of weeks inside the Amazon Music app: TechHive reported it at the start of the month, but at the time it was only showing for some devices.

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Alexa voice controls are now available in the Amazon Music app


You can already ask Alexa to play you the latest Ed Sheeran hit on various music platforms, either through the Alexa app on your phone or via an Amazon Echo device. Starting today, you'll also be able to call on Alexa to control your music playback from directly within the Amazon Music app.

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