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Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt review: A lock this good is 'key' to smartening up your home

Some smart home gadgets seem like solutions in search of a problem, shoehorning IoT connectivity into something that was working just fine without it — unless you're that one guy who really needs to talk to Alexa while playing the keyboard. But on the opposite end of the spectrum, you've got the smart lock, an early leader into the world of the connected home that managed to reinvent a "dumb" product with some genuinely useful new functionality.

There's no shortage of smart lock options out there, running the gamut from fully integrated replacements to add-ons that quickly attach to existing locks.

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This Amazon myQ smart garage door bundle costs less than the Cloud Cam it includes ($99)

Bundles are a good way to get a markdown on two complementary products, and sometimes the bundle gets marked down so much it's actually cheaper to buy than just one of its components. This may only happen rarely but it results in some mouth-watering deals — like today's smart garage bundle, where the Amazon Cloud Cam Key Edition ($120 value) and myQ Smart Garage Door Opener ($50 value) can be had for just a hundred bucks, a cool $70 off.

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[Update: Available in app] Amazon Key for Garage is available starting today

Ever wish that you could have packages delivered to your garage, safe from thieves and waiting for your return home? Amazon is already on it with today's launch of Key for Garage, a system that allows Prime members to let deliverymen into, you guessed it, their garages. On the surface, this seems like a good idea, and it requires a special kit from Amazon.

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Amazon now delivers packages to your car trunk

Fed up with your Amazon packages being taken off your doorstep? Now you can get them delivered to your trunk. Amazon has launched “In-Car delivery” for millions of Prime members with certain vehicles who take advantage of Amazon Key.

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[Deal Alert] All-time low for Amazon Key Home Kit, with security camera and compatible smart lock, starting at $169.99 ($120 off)

Amazon announced its Amazon Key home delivery service late last year, allowing Amazon Prime members to remotely unlock and monitor their front door using a kit consisting of an Amazon Cloud Cam security camera and a compatible smart lock. Aside from being able to detect when someone is entering your home, Amazon Key can also let you grant access to an Amazon delivery personnel so they can leave your package in your home, instead of at your doorstep where anyone could grab it.

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Amazon adds fingerprint support to its Key app

Amazon's Key in-home delivery service was announced last October and its cameras and smart door locks became available in November. Since then, Amazon has been able to use Key to place your purchases inside your doorstep by asking you to grant its delivery staff access to your house and letting you monitor everything via camera. Now the Key app is getting one small but important update: fingerprint authentication.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Echo Show is $149.99 ($80 off), Cloud Cam is $89.99 ($30 off), Key In-Home Kit is $199.99 ($50 off)

Amazon makes some pretty unique products for the home these days, but perhaps they were a little too pricey for you. Well, we have good news: the company is offering discounts on the Echo Show, Cloud Cam, and Cloud Cam Key Edition kit, and they're not insignificant.

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Amazon Key app for the retailer's in-home delivery service is live on Google Play

The Amazon Key in-home delivery service was announced to much fanfare two weeks ago. At the time, you could pre-order the kit for $249, with an expected shipping date of November 8th. Well, that day has finally arrived, and with it, the Amazon Key app has also hit Google Play

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Amazon announces Cloud Cam security camera and Amazon Key in-home delivery service

Around a month ago, we heard rumors that Amazon was planning to release a home security camera and a pair of smart glasses. Today, one of those became official, as Amazon announced the Cloud Cam. The intelligent indoor camera costs just $119 and aims to bring home security features to consumers who might not previously have been able to afford such hardware.

At the same time, the company is launching a new home access service called Amazon Key. This Prime-exclusive scheme is designed to allow Amazon delivery personnel to briefly enter your home and leave packages inside your door, all under that watchful gaze of the Cloud Cam.

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