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Amazon Brings The Creepy With Its New Game 'Lost Within'

I just love creepy stuff. Creepy movies, creepy music, creepy old buildings, creepy dolls and other little toys. Even creepypasta. But most of all, I love creepy games. That thrill of being part of the action...there's nothing quite like it (I mean, except actually being in a situation like that...which I probably don't actually want).


Today, Amazon turned its creepy dial up to 11 with the release of a new game called Lost Within from Amazon Game Studios.

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Amazon Game Studios Releases Free 'The Unmaking' Preview Filled With Waves Of Server-Powered Enemies

Update: Here's the recently published trailer.

Amazon Game Studios has released a free preview of The Unmaking, an impressive looking game where the hordes of enemies you see on-screen are powered by Amazon servers. Your job is to defend your castle by blasting and burning wave after wave of bloodthirsty foes using siege weapons and magic spells alike. The catch is that you need to have a Fire HD 6, Fire HD 7, or Fire HDX 8.9 to enter the battle.

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Amazon Game Studios' 'Tales From Deep Space' Blasts Off Towards A Fire Device Near You

Amazon is branching off into all sorts of media. Not content to provide you solely with digital books (through text or audio), magazines, TV shows, movies, and whichever apps it can offer alongside the Play Store, it's working with game developers to bring folks exclusive games as well. The latest product of this effort is Tales From Deep Space, which has landed in the Amazon Appstore for $6.99.

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Amazon Game Studios Unveils Three New Upcoming Games: CreepStorm, Til Morning's Light, And Tales From Deep Space

Shortly before jumping into the set top box race, Amazon unveiled that it was ready to bring exclusive games to its platforms. Since then, Amazon Game Studios has released a number of titles, with Sev Zero launching with the Fire TV, followed by Saber's Edge and To-Fu Fury for Fire Phone. Now we see three more that are currently in development: CreepStorm, Til Morning's Light, and Tales From Deep Space.

Two of these titles, CreepStorm and Tales From Deep Space, are Fire tablet exclusives.

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Amazon Game Studios' First Fire Phone Games, To-Fu Fury And Saber's Edge, Demonstrate Bad Cases Of Kinect Syndrome

Amazon wants you to buy its shiny new Fire Phone, and one of the biggest selling points is that fancy head-tracking camera system. So naturally, the first two games to come out of the company's home-bred Amazon Game Studios for the Fire Phone feature functionality that can only be done with that specific hardware. Unfortunately, both platformer To-Fu Fury (available now for $2) and Match 3 RPG Saber's Edge (free) exhibit classic signs of Kinect Syndrome.

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