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Amazon brings family-focused FreeTime service to Alexa and launches Echo Dot Kids Edition

Amazon has announced that its child-friendly features and parental controls subscription service is coming to Alexa. Until now FreeTime has only been available on Fire, Kindle, and Android devices, but Amazon is now adding support for Echo speakers. At the same time, the company is also releasing a Kids Edition of the Echo Dot that includes a FreeTime subscription plus a brightly colored protective case.

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Amazon FreeTime Unlimited service no longer exclusive to Kindle devices, now available on the Play Store

Back in 2012, Amazon launched a service called 'Kindle FreeTime Unlimited.' For $4.99 per child ($2.99 for Prime members) or $9.99 for a family (max four children, $6.99 for Prime members), FreeTime gives kids access to a massive library of age-appropriate TV shows, movies, books, and apps.

Now Amazon appears to be dropping the requirement for a Kindle device, as the app has now appeared on the Play Store.

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