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A month after spyware story, BLU resumes sales of its $50 smartphone on Amazon

Almost a month ago to the day, it was revealed by The New York Times that BLU - a smartphone manufacturer that largely sells rebranded handsets from Southeast Asia in the US - was among a group of smartphone OEMs with software on their devices sending private user data like text messages back to a company in China. The offending software's behavior was quickly patched with an OTA update to the phone, but the damage, it seemed, was done. BLU and the company who created the software both claim the data theft was entirely accidental, and that all user data the company in China received was promptly deleted.

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I'm going to use Amazon's "Prime Exclusive" $60 smartphone for a month

A $60 smartphone (or rather, $50 - but hold on) is basically a headline unto itself. It is a novelty solely because of its cost. And that makes talking about it in a way that doesn’t always use “yeah, but it’s only $60” as a reflexive crutch difficult. (Which is not to say I won't do that, because I will. Probably even in this post. Several times.)

BLU’s Amazon-supported R1 HD is far from the cheapest smartphone ever. And it’s far from being a revolutionary product - the only thing interesting about it is, frankly, the business model. And in particular, Amazon’s proposition that it being a nag on your lockscreen and in your app drawer is worth $50 if you’re already a Prime member.

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6GB/64GB OnePlus 3 to be an Amazon Exclusive in India, priced at Rs. 27,999

The OnePlus 3 has been in the news so frequently these past few weeks that we're more than ready for the phone to be officially announced so we can move on from all the rumors. And speaking of rumors, after getting our clearest look yet at the device yesterday, we thought we were done with the leaks, but it seems that there's more to learn about the 3, and from very official and reliable sources to boot.

People in India who happened to check the Hindustan Times newspaper today might have noticed an interesting ad taking up a huge space in one of the pages.

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