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The best smart home devices you can buy right now (Spring 2020)

Millions of homes now contain a smart assistant speaker of some variety and sales of IoT products continue to grow as the market matures and prices come down across the sector. With so many options available, it's hard to know what to buy, and that's where we come in — this is a selection of our favorite smart home gadgets. Whether you want to just dip your toes in the water with a cheap Google Nest Mini or dive into the deep end with smart lights, cameras, thermostats, doorbells, and so on — we’ve got you covered.

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Amazon's high-end Echo Studio smart speaker is now available for $200

Amazon's Echo is at the heart of the company's lineup of smart speakers and displays. For the ones who prefer a cheaper version, the Echo Dot comes in a smaller footprint but also with inferior audio. On the contrary, if you're looking for a higher-end speaker, there wasn't a proper offering until now, as the Echo Plus didn't offer much better sound quality than the Echo, but instead included a built-in Zigbee hub to control your smart devices. Back in September, though, Amazon unveiled the Echo Studio, a new high-end speaker built to compete with the Google Home Max. It's now available on the retailer's site for $200.

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Amazon's new Echo Glow smart lamp for kids is $25 ($5 off)

There are all kinds of ways to motivate your children to do their chores, put down the electronics, or get to bed on time. One such method is through environmental cues. To help you make the process easier on you and your little ones, Amazon created the Echo Glow smart lamp for kids, which you can pick up for $24.99 ($5 off) on Amazon.

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Amazon Echo Show 8 with Echo Dot bundle is just $80 ($100 off)

If you're in the market for a new smart display or speaker – and this awesome Google Nest bundle doesn't tickle your fancy – Amazon is basically running its own version of the same deal for its Echo line of products. Right now on Amazon, you can pick up a brand new Echo Show 8 with Echo Dot bundle for just $79.99 ($99.99 off), which is the price of an Echo Show 8 all by its lonesome.

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Amazon announces Fire TV Blaster which disappointingly blasts IR, not actual fire

Amazon's Fire TV family of products just gained a new member, the Fire TV Blaster. This $35 IR blaster accessory will allow you to control your TV, soundbar, or satellite/cable box using only your voice and an Echo speaker or other compatible Amazon Fire TV device.

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Hackers can hijack your Google Home or Amazon Echo with freakin' laser beams

Google's smart home speakers already don't have the best privacy-conscious track record. Back in 2017, our very own Artem Russakovskii had his Home Mini record every word he said for days on end, resulting in Google permanently removing top touch functionality from all Home Minis. Even when hotword functionality is working as intended, we often assume that a user has to be within earshot to actually control one of these devices. It turns out that's not the case, thanks to a new hack that uses laser beams to remotely interact with smart speakers.

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Monday deals: Get a 55" 4K Roku TV for $300, plus Philips Hue savings and more

We've reached the last week of October. As we slide ever-closer to winter, check out these spooky* deals: a 55" 4K TV for just 300 bucks, a really cheap Philips Hue bundle, and some other odds and ends to make your life more convenient. (*Deals may or may not actually be spooky.)

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The Amazon Echo 2nd gen is just $70 right now ($50 off)

Amazon just introduced a metric truckload of new devices this week, so it shouldn't be too surprising that the company's feeling motivated to clear a little old stock.  Today we're checking out a sale that brings the price of the Amazon Echo 2nd gen smart home speaker down to just $70.

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Amazon announces new Echo, high-end Echo Studio, and more speakers

Reports indicated that Amazon would announce a new premium Echo speaker today. That did turn out to be true, but there were also a lot of other new speakers.

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Amazon might announce Alexa earbuds and high-end Echo tomorrow

In this day and age, it's surprising when a major new tech product isn't leaked before its official announcement. While Google's upcoming phone is already in the hands of many YouTubers, we've barely heard a peep about the hardware Amazon plans to announce at tomorrow's event. Reportedly, Amazon will unveil a pair of wireless earbuds, a more powerful Echo smart speaker, and possibly other devices.

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