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[Deal Alert] Get 10,000 Amazon Appstore coins for $65 ($35 off) through May 25th

Amazon recently announced the end of its "Actually Free" program for the Amazon Appstore. Now, it's back to basics with things that cost money. Although, you can use Amazon coins instead of money if you want. New Appstore users can get a whole mess of coins at a steep discount right now, too.

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Get more for your money and never lose your game progress with Amazon Coins and the Amazon Appstore [Sponsored Post]

Why pay more than you have to for the games you love? When you use the Amazon Appstore, you can enjoy big savings with Amazon Coins. And for a limited time, you can get up to 30% refunded back to you when you make purchases in some of the most popular games around.

Amazon Coins are used to make in-app purchases just like cash in games downloaded via the Amazon Appstore, but at a discount to you. Each Coin has an equivalent value to one penny, so 100 Coins = $1.00. However, you don’t pay $1.00 for every 100 Coins. For instance, if you buy $100 worth of Amazon Coins, you will only pay $87 of your own money.

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Get More, Play More With The Amazon Appstore And Amazon Coins [Sponsored By Amazon]

Whether you're a hardcore mobile gamer or just someone who likes to use games as a distraction to pass the time, basically everyone plays games on their smartphone and/or tablet. With the popularity of mobile games in recent years, however, we've also seen a rise in in-app purchases and higher-priced mobile games. But sometimes it's just hard to justify spending any additional money on virtualized currency or other in-game perks.

Amazon gets that, and the introduction of the Amazon Appstore and Amazon Coins are the company's answer to high game and IAP costs. First off, let's take a closer look at what's going on with Underground.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Coins For Apps And In-App Purchases Are Up To 20% Off Until October 19th

Amazon's Coins program, which basically trades real money for digital currency that can only be used on the Amazon Appstore, has become surprisingly popular. That probably has a lot to do with the massive amount of Coins that Amazon has given away in various promotions, but it doesn't hurt that the company recently integrated the Appstore with the rest of Amazon. If you're digging Amazon's ecosystem, the retailer is offering discounts of up to 20% on Amazon Coins.


Coins come in packs starting at 500, with one coin being roughly equal to a US penny. You can grab 500 coins for $4.60 (8% off), 1000 for $9.00 (10% off), 2500 for $21.00 (16% off), 5000 for $40.00, or 10,000 for $80.00 (20% off).

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[Deal Alert] Get 500 Amazon Coins For Streaming A Movie Or TV Show From Instant Video On Your Android Device

Amazon finally acquiesced a few weeks ago and released an Instant Video streaming app for regular Android devices. Compatibility is a little limited, but at least it exists now. To encourage customers to use it, Amazon is offering 500 Amazon Coins to anyone who streams something using the app. Free money, yay!


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Deal Alert: Grab Noodlecake's Excellent Wayward Souls RPG For $1.99 (Down From $5.99) On The Amazon Appstore And Get 60 Coins Back

The immensely difficult dungeon crawler Wayward Souls is currently up on Amazon for $1.99, one third of its usual price. That makes now a good time to pick up the game and walk away with a few dollars saved and a compelling title to boot. Not only that, buyers also get 60 Amazon Coins back, which amounts to 60 cents. For the math averse, that brings this title down to 140 coins for the people with virtual monies to spend.

Screenshot 2014-08-25 at 4.03.06 PM

This engaging action RPG came to Android earlier this summer from publisher Noodlecake. The dungeon crawler tasks players with picking a character, tweaking their skills, and trying to survive long enough to die with the requisite amount of experience points needed to get new abilities and try again.

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Amazon Coins Come To Australia And Japan, Kindle Fire Owners Get $5 Worth Free

It's easy to scoff at Amazon Coins, but with offers of free ones popping up every now and then, it's just as easy to take that virtual money laughing as you walk away with awesome apps and games. Doing what it does rather well, Amazon is now expanding its reach to additional countries. The company's coins are now available in Australia and Japan.

As was the case when Amazon Coins first launched in the US in 2013, Kindle Fire owners in Japan and Australia will find that the company has already deposited 500 Yen or $5 AUD worth of coins into their accounts.

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[Deal Alert] Want A Good Game To Spend Amazon Coins On? Grab Terraria, On Sale Now For $1.99 (199 Coins) From $4.99

We've already drawn attention to Terraria on the Play Store, where it's still on sale for $1.99 after nearly a month. For people who enjoy good sandbox games with 8-bit inspired graphics, and have grown tired of that other one, then this is an easy recommendation. In addition to Google Play, it's also available in the Amazon Appstore for the same $1.99, a sizable discount from the regular price of $4.99. This translates to 199 coins for anyone who has a stockpile of Amazon's digital currency sitting around.

Screenshot 2014-08-18 at 11.53.45 AM

Terraria is very similar to Minecraft, in that it contains digging, using different types of blocks, crafting recipes, and fighting monsters.

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Kindle Fire, Fire Phone, And Fire TV Owners: Get $100 Worth Of Amazon Coins For $75

If you own any of Amazon's Android-powered devices, and you buy new apps or in-app purchases regularly, you might want to take advantage of the latest Coins promotion. Amazon is selling 10,000 of its self-branded credits (equivalent to $100 USD when buying apps) for just $75 today. If you spend at least some money every week in the Amazon Appstore, this should be a good deal that will cover you for quite a while.


Smaller increments can be had at smaller discounts, but these are the usual bulk discounts for Coin purchases: 500 coins ($5) can be had for $4.80, 1000 ($10) for $9.50, 2500 ($25) for $23, and 5000 ($50) for $45.

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[Deal Alert] Plex For Android On Sale For $0.99 (Or 99 Coins) On Amazon With 30 Coins Back (Originally $4.99)

Amazon is really pushing its Android Appstore now that the Fire TV is a thing. Even if you don't have a Fire TV, you can get plenty of free Amazon Coins from downloading free apps, plus extra Coins when you buy things. The Plex app is usually $4.99 in Google Play and Amazon, but it's down to $0.99 (or 99 Coins) right now.

2014-05-22 15_06_58-Amazon.com_ Plex_ Appstore for Android

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