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Amazon Photos 5.0 Improves Album Creation And Editing, Takes You Into The Past With New 'This Day' Section

Amazon wants to store your photos on its servers, and the first part of that is making a compelling service. Since you would understandably want to organize your pictures into albums, the latest version contains a number of tweaks to streamline the process.

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Amazon Cloud Drive 1.2 Adds File And Folder Deletion Plus A Swipe-To-View Gesture

Amazon's Cloud Drive app has been around since June, but it's been missing some fairly basic tools. As in, so basic that it's kind of mind-boggling that they haven't been included thus far. Today's update adds the ability to rename and delete files and folders, which was apparently missing before. That seems like a pretty big omission, but it's been rectified in version 1.2. It's available now on the Google Play Store, and of course, Amazon's own Appstore.

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Amazon Cloud Drive Now Has Its Own IFTTT Channel

Amazon Cloud Drive is a way to get around storing your stuff on your own hardware. Instead, you can keep it on someone else's. It this case, Amazon's.

IFTTT is a service that automates the way the sites you visit interact with each other. Those letters stand for "If This Then That."

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At Last, Standard Amazon Cloud Drive App Comes To The Company's Appstore And Google Play

Amazon has taken its sweet time bringing its dedicated cloud storage solution to Android devices. Amazon Cloud Drive Photos has been around since 2012, but that was a photo-specific product that came years after Dropbox, to name one competitor, was already letting mobile users back up whatever they want. Amazon Cloud Player Music launched in 2011, but again, that just stored audio files.

It is only now in 2015 that Amazon has made a non-specialized Cloud Drive app available for Android. This should make that unlimited storage all the more tempting.

CloudDrive1 CloudDrive2 CloudDrive3

Amazon may be playing catch up, but it appears to have made a decent effort to provide a good Android experience.

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Amazon Releases Cloud Drive SDKs For Android And iOS So Developers Can Integrate Their Apps

Amazon Cloud Drive is like other cloud storage options, only it provides unlimited storage space. That's nothing to sniff at, but it's still not all that big a deal if your favorite apps can't smoothly tap into the service.

To address this issue, Amazon has now released an SDK so that developers can start baking the platform into their apps. The additions serve as part of the company's existing Mobile App SDK.

Screenshot 2015-06-17 at 5.15.53 PM

In the source link below, Amazon highlights four Android apps that have already taken advantage of the SDK. The list consists of A+ Gallery, TextMaker HD Basic, PlanMaker HD Basic, and Presentations HD Basic.

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Amazon Cloud Drive Now Provides Unlimited Storage Space For $59.99 A Year, Limitless Photos For $11.99

Amazon doesn't believe in limits, not anymore—not when it comes to storage space. The company has stripped Cloud Drive of its storage limitations. Now you can use the service to store as many files as you want for $59.99 a year.

To put this into perspective, Dropbox Pro charges $9.99 a month (or $99.99 a year) for 1TB of storage. To go unlimited, you need a business account. Google Drive is willing to go up to 30TB for general consumers, but it will cost you $299.99 a month. Microsoft hands out unlimited storage space, but only as part of an Office 365 subscription.

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FolderSync Gets A Big Update With Material Elements, Amazon Cloud Drive Support, And More

So you need to get some files from your phone into the cloud? FolderSync is one of the most popular ways to do it. This app gives you very fine control over what files go where and when, and today it's getting a sizable update to v2.7 with a bit of a UI makeover and some new features.

3 1 2

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Amazon Prime Subscribers Now Have Unlimited Photo Storage Via The Cloud Drive App

If you've taken enough photos to fill up the storage allotment on both Dropbox and Google Drive, and you happen to be an Amazon Prime subscriber, you might want to check out the somewhat nondescript Cloud Drive app. Starting today, Amazon Prime users get unlimited photo storage via the company's branded cloud storage solution. The default free level of generic storage, for Prime members and everyone else, is still the standard 5GB.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed

The deal applies no matter what device you happen to be using, so automatic photo uploads from Android and iOS via the Cloud Drive app are free, and so are any photos you manually upload to the service's web application via Windows, OS X, ChromeOS, et cetera.

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Amazon Cloud Drive Photos Updated To v3.3 With A Neato Timeline Photo View

There are approximately one zillion apps that want to back up your pictures to the cloud, but Amazon's solution was just updated with a new timeline view mode, which is actually kind of cool. So what's it do? The timeline makes it easier to jump to photos from months, or even years ago.

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Amazon Including 50GB Of Free Cloud Drive Storage For One Year With The Purchase Of One Of 100+ Phones

It seems like everyone is throwing free cloud storage at you to push phones, including Amazon. The retailer is offering 50GB of Amazon Cloud Drive space for one year if you buy select carrier-branded phones. In this case "select" seems to mean a whole bunch of phones – over 100 by the looks of it.


All you have to do is pick up a phone included in the promotion, which Amazon has helpfully created a special portal for. The promo includes the Galaxy S4 to the Kyocera Rise, and almost everything in between. After you get the phone, the storage will be added to your Cloud Drive account within 10 days – it will be added to the 5GB of free space everyone gets.

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