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BlackBerry Users In The USA To Get Amazon Appstore Access Via 10.3.2 Update Rolling Out Now

BlackBerry has slowly but surely realized that their best bet for continued existence is to somehow bridge the app compatibility gap that Android and iOS boast in comparison to their platform. The route they have taken is adding the ability to natively run Android apps within the BlackBerry OS, which quite honestly is a good idea. The next step is getting those apps to users. For American users, that starts today, as a new OS update will bring the Amazon Appstore along with it.

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Amazon Screws Up, Removes Kodi Media Center From The Appstore For 'Facilitating Piracy'

OK, Amazon, I can sympathize with your plight. As both the legal operator of a massive software distribution service and a TV, movie, and music vendor beholden to various rights holders, you might be tempted to remove anything from your app store that even whiffs of piracy or copyright infringement. Hell, I could help you spot some examples if you want. But that really doesn't excuse booting legitimate, useful apps off of your store without a second thought, as appears to be the case with Kodi Media Center.

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Weird Turn-Based RPG 'Fearless Fantasy' Comes To Android Via The Amazon Appstore

Fearless Fantasy might make you do a double-take. Yes, the characters actually look like that. They're quirky. The entire art style is peculiar, and it sets you up for what to expect from the rest of the experience. This isn't your usual role-playing game.


Fearless Fantasy treats us to an original plot accompanied by animated cutscenes and voice-overs. You play as Leon, a bounty hunter who is out to slay the world's most dangerous creatures and save a girl from a horrible marriage.

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[Deal Alert] $110 Worth Of Games And Apps Are Free Today On The Amazon Appstore, Including Game Of Thrones, Sorcery! 3, And Bike Race Pro

Amazon likes to offer freebies every now and then on its Appstore. Aside from the daily gratis app or game, it runs regular huge promotions where it usually discounts over $100 worth of software to the awesome price of nada. Nil. Zilch. That's the case today with a mega deal lasting until May 16th 11:59PM PST.


The offer includes more than thirty apps and games, which total over $110 in their regular listing price. Most notable among the games are Game Of Thrones, Sorcery!

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Amazon Ends Test Drive, The Feature That Let You Try Apps In Browser Or Virtual Machine Before Downloading

Back in 2011 when Amazon released its App Store, we cited the ability to try apps out in your browser before downloading as one of its top features. Later, you could also do that on phones and tablets. Well, things have changed. First, after an announcement made today, you will no longer be able to do this with apps from Amazon's store. Second, you probably won't miss it too much.

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Amazon Reverses Decision: The Original 'Postal' Is Now Available On The Appstore For $1.99, Still MIA From The Google Play Store

Earlier this week we reported on Google's decision to refuse an Android port of the PC shooter Postal in the Google Play Store. Two days later, a representative of developer Running With Scissors told us that Amazon had done the same for the Amazon Appstore, and provided us with the rejection letters from both companies. Google refusing to allow the controversial shooter onto the Play Store is merely inconsistent; as we noted at the time, games with similar levels of violence like Grand Theft Auto III are easily available.

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Amazon Prime Instant Video Now Supports Android Tablets

Amazon doesn't seem to particularly want Android users to enjoy its video streaming service. First it took its sweet time expanding the offering out from Fire and iOS devices. Then when it did finally bring the app to Android, it required installing the standard Amazon app, which then prompted you to install a dedicated Prime Instant Video app from the Amazon Appstore (Google Play, what's that?). After that, it only ran on phones.

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[Update: It's Back] Popular Kodi/XBMC Remote 'Yatse' Gets Kicked Off The Play Store

Last year the XBMC project changed its name to Kodi, giving the media manager a much-needed fresh start considering how it has long since expanded past its original Xbox roots. Yatse is a popular remote app for use with the platform that recently got a spiffy material redesign.

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LEGO Legends Of Chima: Tribe Fighters Is A Free, IAP-Less, Top-Down Shooter Starring Angry, Warring Animals

LEGO stirs up different images these days. It used to be a term synonymous with building blocks. Now it's just as likely to strike up memories of humorous movie adaptations and quirky kids' shows featuring talking animal warriors. The latest LEGO game for Android concerns the latter.

LEGO Legends of Chima: Tribe Fighters is a top-down shooter the likes of which we've been playing for decades. Your character runs upwards, firing shots at regular intervals.

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[Deal Alert] Over Three Dozen Apps And Games Available For Free Today On The Amazon Appstore

Amazon gives out a free app or game everyday, but sometimes it likes to go all out with enticing people towards its Google-free marketplace. Today the retailer is offering dozens of paid apps for free.


Amazon says the content here adds up to $140. The priciest inclusions are OfficeSuite Professional and a $30 English dictionary. Gamers may want to check out 80 Days, Back to BedMonsters Ate My CondoSki Safari: Adventure Time, and Sorcery!

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