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Get more for your money and never lose your game progress with Amazon Coins and the Amazon Appstore [Sponsored Post]

Why pay more than you have to for the games you love? When you use the Amazon Appstore, you can enjoy big savings with Amazon Coins. And for a limited time, you can get up to 30% refunded back to you when you make purchases in some of the most popular games around.

Amazon Coins are used to make in-app purchases just like cash in games downloaded via the Amazon Appstore, but at a discount to you. Each Coin has an equivalent value to one penny, so 100 Coins = $1.00. However, you don’t pay $1.00 for every 100 Coins. For instance, if you buy $100 worth of Amazon Coins, you will only pay $87 of your own money.

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Amazon Begins Sorting Appstore Reviews By Device And Version Number

A good review can make all the difference when deciding on an app. But a review is only as good as it is relevant, so Amazon is tweaking the way the Appstore displays them.

The Appstore will start showing reviews that are specific to your device and version number.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Offers Over $30 Of Appstore Apps And Games For Free, Including Lifeline, Last Horizon, And Goat Simulator MMO

There are probably quite a few new Amazon Kindle tablet owners poking through their brand new gadgets this morning, and to encourage new customers to check out what the Appstore offers, Amazon is giving some of its best games for free. A couple of its best games, anyway - the rest of today's 13 freebies are less than notable. But gamers will definitely want to grab textual space adventure Lifeline, atmospheric exploration game Last Horizon, and the zany fantasy-themed Goat Simulator MMO Simulator.

Here's the full list of currently free titles.

  1. 2Do ToDo List ($6.99)
  2. AVG AntiVirus PRO Android Security ($11.99)
  3. Batman: Arkham City Lockdown ($5.99)
  4. Bridge Constructor Playground ($2.62)
  5. Christmastry
  6. Explore Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood ($2.99)
  7. Goat Simulator MMO Simulator ($.99)
  8. Lifeline ($.99)
  9. Victor's Cold!!
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Get More, Play More With The Amazon Appstore And Amazon Coins [Sponsored By Amazon]

Whether you're a hardcore mobile gamer or just someone who likes to use games as a distraction to pass the time, basically everyone plays games on their smartphone and/or tablet. With the popularity of mobile games in recent years, however, we've also seen a rise in in-app purchases and higher-priced mobile games. But sometimes it's just hard to justify spending any additional money on virtualized currency or other in-game perks.

Amazon gets that, and the introduction of the Amazon Appstore and Amazon Coins are the company's answer to high game and IAP costs. First off, let's take a closer look at what's going on with Underground.

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The Amazon Appstore Offers 33 Free Apps And Games Worth $70+ For Halloween

Amazon really likes to package a bunch of regularly paid apps and give them away for free, seemingly at every opportunity. The latest batch is ostensibly in honor of Halloween, though a lot of the paid apps being offered don't really have any connection with the holiday. We don't mind - anyone who's been keeping up with these promotions has built up quite a little library of freebies by now. You can see the full collection here.

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[Update: Now On Google Play] Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.12 Adds Controller Support, Five Player Cross-Platform Multiplayer, And More

Minecraft Pocket Edition updates are often filled with minute changes that you have to be familiar with the game to understand. Version 0.12.1's changelog includes a number of these tweaks. For example, there's "Ocelots! Try taming one with a fish" and "Golems. We recommend you approach with caution." Also, "Sneaking and sprinting! Express yourself through movement!"

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Amazon Gives Details On How Amazon Underground Works For Developers Who Want To Make Money While Not Charging Users For In-App Purchases

When Amazon announced Amazon Underground, a new app marketplace where many freemium games are made "actually free," everything seemed pretty great. You can make in-app purchases on apps downloaded from Underground without actually spending money, which is my favorite way to buy things. Of course, if you spend much time thinking about how this must work behind the scenes, it's tough to see how this will be a winner.

Amazon has been kind enough to share the nitty gritty details. Here's the short version:

  1. Developers agree to waive the fees for in-app purchases
  2. Amazon pays developers 0.2 cents per minute of use, per user
  3. ???
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Amazon Ditches Its Free App Of The Day In Favor of Amazon Underground, With '$10,000 Worth of Apps And Games That Are Actually Free'

Amazon has had some pretty great deals as part of its Free App of the Day, but apparently that's over now. The prolific retailer is replacing it with Amazon Underground, which includes "over $10,000 of apps and games that are actually free." Specifically, Amazon is giving away paid apps and in-app purchases with an agreement that reimburses app developers based on the amount of time the apps are actually used.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Is Giving Away $50 Worth Of Free Games And Apps This Week, Including Monument Valley And The Bard's Tale

Amazon's latest app giveaway is worth more than $50 and will remain available for the next week. As you can see in the hero image, some of the headliners include The Bard's Tale and Weather Live, though there are several more that may interest you. And while the super-popular Monument Valley has disappeared from the promotional page, it's free too. This is bigger and better (and longer-lasting) than its typical free daily deal, though it isn't their best ever. Beyond those already mentioned, you might want to pay special attention to Quell Memento and Alarm Clock Pro.

Here is the full list of what's on offer, all of them free for now:



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At Last, Standard Amazon Cloud Drive App Comes To The Company's Appstore And Google Play

Amazon has taken its sweet time bringing its dedicated cloud storage solution to Android devices. Amazon Cloud Drive Photos has been around since 2012, but that was a photo-specific product that came years after Dropbox, to name one competitor, was already letting mobile users back up whatever they want. Amazon Cloud Player Music launched in 2011, but again, that just stored audio files.

It is only now in 2015 that Amazon has made a non-specialized Cloud Drive app available for Android. This should make that unlimited storage all the more tempting.

CloudDrive1 CloudDrive2 CloudDrive3

Amazon may be playing catch up, but it appears to have made a decent effort to provide a good Android experience.

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