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[Update: Data collected after all] Facebook reveals Portal video calling devices, assures public they were 'built with privacy' in mind

While Facebook's video calling smart home devices have long been in the works, the wake of another major data privacy scandal doesn't feel like the best time for a product launch. But perhaps Facebook just couldn't wait any longer — after all, it was reportedly supposed to debut the new products earlier this year, but held off due to bad press from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Today, just a little over a week after it announced a security flaw that affected 50 million accounts, the company launched the Portal ($199) and Portal+ ($349), both Amazon Alexa-enabled video calling devices.

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[Update: Screenshots and changelog] Redesigned Amazon Alexa app coming soon with easier device access

Amazon’s Alexa app serves as the gateway between users and their smart home devices, such as the recently updated Echo line of speakers. Almost a year ago, the app reached 10 million downloads and shortly after that, the company updated it with voice commands. Now it’s getting a major redesign which brings a new device view that lists all companion units on one screen.

The update has already rolled out to iOS users, and Amazon has confirmed to us that the refreshed Android experience will begin to show up over the coming weeks. As seen in the iOS app, devices are grouped according to room and can be toggled from the same tab.

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Amazon reportedly plans to release a bunch of new Alexa-enabled devices this year — including a microwave

Amazon is planning to release a whole bunch of new Alexa-enabled devices this year, including — naturally — a microwave oven, according to a report from CNBC. Per the report, the company intends to release at least eight new devices controllable by its digital assistant by year's end. Other planned devices include audio components, like an amplifier and receiver.

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[Deal Alert] Buy a Moto Z3 Play, get an Amazon Alexa smart speaker mod for free ($112 off)

Modular smartphones haven't taken off the way we'd hoped they would back before Project Ara got canned. Motorola hasn't yet given up on the dream of an à la carte future, though, and for a limited time, you can snag a free Alexa smart speaker mod when you buy a Moto Z3 Play.

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Marshall Voice smart speakers with Amazon Alexa launching October 2, Google Assistant versions coming later this year

Marshall, famed maker of guitar amps and, more recently, cutesy Bluetooth speakers that resemble guitar amps, has announced that it's got a slew of new devices on the horizon. The lineup includes refreshes of both its Acton and Stanmore speakers that will each include support for Amazon Alexa, coming October 2 — with versions sporting the Google Assistant coming later this year.

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Bose announces Alexa-enabled Home Speaker 500, Soundbar 500, and Soundbar 700

Yesterday, Bose announced three new entries into its smart speaker line-up. Each comes with Alexa, though Bose notes that "other voice assistants [will] follow," meaning that Assistant is hopefully not too far off. As usual, you can expect very high prices, but also that sound quality the company has built its reputation on.

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[Update: Out now] Beam is Sonos' new $399 smart soundbar, available July 17th

Just earlier today, Sonos announced its new Beam, a soundbar that's 60% the size of the company's previous Playbar, all while including features like Airplay 2, Alexa functionality, and a surprisingly big sound for the size—or so Sonos claims. 

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You may soon be able to control your Xbox One with Alexa and Google Assistant

Xbox One users, here's a piece news for you on Android Police, of all places. According to Windows Central, you may soon be able to control your gaming/entertainment console with voice commands, thanks to the addition of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support.

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[Deal Alert] Save 20-30% on Anker's Eufy smart lights, Genie Alexa smart speaker, and connected scale

Anker's sub-brand Eufy makes some really interesting home products, a few of which happen to be smart and compatible with our Android-connected lives. Today, three of these are on discount: a connected body scale, a smart tunable white light, and a pack of 2 tunable white lights with a smart speaker. Without further ado, here are the deals.

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Amazon Alexa supports 12000 smart home devices, way more than Google Assistant's 5000

There's no denying that Amazon's Alexa has a leg up on Google's Assistant, both because its smart speakers launched before Google and because Amazon has a huge footing in retail and the best marketing platform ever. Google can only dream of rivaling that. Plus, if you're a company making a smart home product, odds are you're already selling it through Amazon, and the jump from that to adding Alexa compatibility is just a formality at this point. The lead Amazon has taken over Google in the smart home is most apparent when you look at the number of supported devices, and now we have a more accurate picture.

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