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Amazon Releases A 64GB Version Of The Fire 10 HD Tablet With A New Aluminum Body For $290

Depending on who you ask, Amazon's Fire series might just be the most popular Android tablets on the planet. They're certainly up there, thanks to an extremely low entry price and some pretty decent media tie-ins with Amazon's various platforms, the lack of Google Play access notwithstanding. The value at the high end of the range isn't bad either, and Amazon just made it a little better: the big daddy Fire 10 HD now has a 64GB option, and it's available for under $300.

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SamMobile Leaks Shots Of The Galaxy Alpha, A Phone Reportedly Made Partially Out Of Aluminum

Hold on to your butts, everyone. I'm about to drop some news that will blow your minds. Samsung has a new phone in the works, and there's one thing that will supposedly make this thing different from all of the others. SamMobile has leaked images of the upcoming Galaxy Alpha, a Galaxy S5 variant that will apparently be constructed at least in part out of aluminum.


As you can see in these screens, the phone won't look strikingly different regardless of what it's made of. The phone will still have the same faux leather backing present on several of the company's current devices.

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A Pair Of Alleged 'Galaxy S5 Prime' Leaks Raise Lots Of Questions And Give Few Answers

Rumors have been circling of an upgraded version of Samsung's Galaxy S5 flagship for a few months now, including the idea that it will feature the metal body that's been desired by at least some Samsung fans for quite a while. A pair of leaks for the supposed device have surfaced this weekend, one on video and one in a set of photos. And they can't both be right.

The video above shows off what's alleged to be a pre-production phone smuggled out of Samsung. The primary differences visible are an aluminum, dimple-free rear panel and metal(?) sides. The waterproof seal on the phone seems to be external on a presumably removable battery panel, unlike the internal seal concealed beneath the S5's rear cover.

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[Lightning Review] Nocs NS200 Android Earbuds: Solid Hi-Fi Equipment, On The Cheap

Lately, I've been listening to a lot of headphones as part of my hardware review routine. I've listened to expensive ones. Slightly less expensive ones. Hilariously cheap ones. You get the picture.

So when a Swedish headphone company by the name of Nocs got in touch with me, I was a bit surprised - because I didn't know they existed. And there's a good reason for that (sort of): Nocs has specialized in making solely Apple-friendly headphone products. Until now.

The NS200 earbuds represent Nocs' first Android-compatible headphones (basically, just minor changes to the 3-button controls), and are a variant of the company's standard NS200 iOS earbuds.

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T-Mobile G2 Review Roundup: Vanilla Android Is The Way To Go

I've said it before and I'll say it again: stock Android is the way to go. I hate it when manufacturers add custom UIs, bloatware, and unnecessary lag to our beloved Android operating system, so, naturally, I was overjoyed to hear that the T-Mobile G2 would ship with a stock build of Android. Early reviewers seem to agree with this, and overall, they seem to think highly of the device. Let's take a look at some of those reviews that have been posted so far.


CNET's Bonnie Cha found the G2's design to be "clean and very professional," although she also said that she wouldn't exactly classify it as sexy, despite our own Artem Russakovskii's earlier comments.

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