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BlackBerry Acquires Good Technology And Its Suite Of Enterprise Android Apps For $425 Million

There's good news in store for future Android-running BlackBerry users. The smartphone maker that now figures maybe it likes the taste of Lollipops and Marshmallows after all has announced its acquisition of Good. Good.

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Unreal Engine v4.9 Released With A Gargantuan Number Of New Features And Improvements

When the developers of Unreal Engine ship an update, they mean business. Version 4.9 was released late yesterday and its changelog is remarkably lengthy. Seriously, it's 36,950 words long and has 74 images, about a third of which are animated. It's basically the War And Peace of changelogs.

There are far too many things in this update to cover here, so game developers might want to check out the changelog in all its monumental glory. However, the list of Android-related items is a little more tenable and might be interesting to those who don't make a living (or hobby) out of building games.

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LG Announces The Rolly Keyboard, A Smart Foldable And Almost Full-Sized Bluetooth Keyboard

I'm always looking for that perfect Bluetooth keyboard — one that is small and easy to carry, but large enough to comfortably type on, compatible with Android and iOS, and can connect to multiple devices at the same time. See, I always envision myself as the free-spirited type of person who goes to a cafe, orders a cappuccino, and pulls out a tablet with a keyboard to get work done as if I'm too hip to work at an office but too busy to wait until later. Suffice it to say, I'm never that cool, but I think LG may have gotten the closest to my fantasy with its Rolly Keyboard (model KBB-700).

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YouTube Gaming v1.0 Rolls Out With Asteroids Easter Egg And Evidence Of Upcoming Screencasting Support [APK Teardown + Download]

Many gamers are acutely aware of the impending launch of Google's new live-streaming service YouTube Gaming, which will go head-to-head with Amazon's recently acquired After the last few months of beta testing, YouTube Gaming is finally set to leave beta later today to allow users from almost anywhere in the world to broadcast their own gameplay footage live to anybody who would like to watch. Google has just released the Android app, which serves as the guide and viewer for live shows and much of the recorded gaming content on YouTube. As usual, we've got the apk available for download, which may come in very handy since the Play Store will initially limit availability to residents of the US and UK.

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Ninja Snap Trolls Friends Who Swipe Through Your Photos With Instant Selfies And Kanye... Lots Of Kanye

We all have that friend or relative who can't help but swipe through dozens of photos when we hand them our phone to check one pic. It's an involuntary reflex, a primal need to just see what's after and before that photo, because what if they were better than the one they're looking at? And why do those photos have to stay hidden and undiscovered, they should be seen by more eyes — that's their destiny as photos.

Android's screen pinning feature isn't that useful in that instance because nosy voyeurs still have access to your entire gallery. Focus is an alternative app that lets you lock viewing to a single photo, but that's a paid upgrade and there's no real fun in using it.

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Google+ v6.1 Begins Removal Of Photos Functionality And Prepares For Android M's Permission Model [APK Download]

We rarely talk about apps losing features, but that's what has happened to Google+ today, but it's not such a bad thing. The latest update to v6.1 has started rolling out to users and it finally removes access to the Google+ Photos functionality that remained after the introduction of Google Photos at I/O 2015. A previous update warned users that the Google+ Photos functionality wasn't long for this world back in June, and about a month later Google officially announced it would be shut down on August 1st.

It may be a little behind schedule, but we all knew this update would be coming soon.

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Watch Face BSOD Constantly Revives Your Timeless Dead Windows Nostalgia

Watch Face BSOD
Watch Face BSOD
Developer: Rabbit Design
Price: $0.99

Alternate title: When Artem Asks You To Write A "Fun" Post, You Accept The Challenge And Do Your Best

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[No Ice Cream For You] The Latest Version Of Google Maps Has A Hilarious Easter Egg

You've been driving for two hours, and you've got at least two more. You're tired of sitting behind the wheel and you want to stop and stretch your legs, but that just delays the inevitable. There aren't any alternatives, so you soldier on as that robotic voice of Google Maps occasionally pipes up to let you know there's a turn in 2 miles.

Hey, wait a minute, why does she get to tell you what to do? You gave her a phone, a data plan, and you're driving her around. You're taking care of her, so why does she act like the one in charge?

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HTC Decides Not To Release The Grip Fitness Band In Its Current Form, Plans To Launch Something Better Later This Year

Think back to this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Remember when HTC announced the Grip? It was an activity tracker that looked just like any other fitness band, particularly Microsoft's.

According to Engadget, the product was originally slated to launch in Spring, but now Summer is here, and HTC has decided not to release it at all. At least, not in the form we've seen.

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[ALL THE XKCD] Chrome Dev Finally Lets You View The Full Title Text Of An Image

In the grand scheme of the Internet, alt texts don't really matter. FOR THE SAKE OF ARGUMENT, WHATCHA TALKIN' 'BOUT? I mean, they're only little blurbs of text that show up when you hover over an image on the web. YOUR MOM IS A BLURB. Usually, they're just the file name of the image or some insignificant gibberish tacked by WordPress or whatever online publishing tool the website you're visiting uses. THAT'S A BUNCH OF FJAFJKLDSKF7JKFDJ! I mean, in almost all cases, they don't add anything to what you're seeing.

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