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Play Music v6.4 Includes Playback Order Options For Upcoming Podcast Support, Exclusive Music Deal With The BRIT Awards

Many of us are anxiously awaiting the official launch of Podcasts in Play Music. While a few people have already been given an accidental early look, there are good reasons to be confident that the real launch will happen sometime in the next week and a half. It should come as no surprise that the latest update to the Play Music app happens to include a few fixes and features for podcast listeners. On top of that, Google is preparing for an exclusive deal with the BRIT Awards.

For those that want to know about new features, it doesn't look like there's anything to talk about right now.

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Google+ Now Really Wants You To See The Posts You Missed While You Were Away

There's a widely known issue with social networks—they're impossible to keep up with. Something is always happening, and unless you follow only a handful of people, there's no way you can read all the content that streams by.

To get around this, some networks have taken their own approach to resurfacing content you may have missed. Facebook and Twitter do this. Now Google+ does as well.

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[No Signal] Yahoo Kills Its Video Portal "Screen"

Remember Screen? It was Yahoo's 2013 video portal venture that aimed to bring clips from renowned sources like Saturday Night Live, BuzzFeed, and College Humor into one single service that's easy to browse. The corresponding Android app launched less than two years ago, and was actually quite decent for what it aimed to do. But alas, Screen is no more. Yahoo just called it quits and shattered its Screen.

Despite some original programming and lots of money spent on getting the service started and keeping it going, Screen's viewership stayed flat from February 2014 to September 2015. Compared to other video services that were growing rapidly, this wasn't good news and is the main reason for the decision to shut it down.

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Keep v3.2.501 Adds Shortcuts To The Drawing Mode Editor For Quick Sharing And Deleting [APK Download]

Google added Drawing Mode to Keep at the end of October and the couple of updates since then seem to focus on fixing bugs. The recent 501 update did make a small but useful addition: there is now an overflow menu in Drawing Mode with links to Delete and Send (i.e. share) your doodles to other apps.

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[Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars] (Star Wars) New Chrome Experiment Uses Your Phone As A Lightsaber (Star Wars!)

Star Wars? Star Wars Star Wars. But, Star Wars. The new Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars, and Star Wars. Star Wars Star Wars, Luke Skywalker, original trilogy. Jar Jar Binks, ugh. Darth Vader. Empire Strikes Back best. <Mercilessly mock Hayden Christensen as an insufferable, mewling infant, featuring overt and excessive hand-gesturing.> Millennium Falcon! Remastered editions <audible hissing>.

Great. Do we all have it out of our systems? Nope? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, Google released a new Chrome experiment today (find it here) that utilizes your desktop Chrome browser and your smartphone's Chrome browser to turn your phone into a lightsaber, because Star Wars.

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[Missed Steak] Allthecooks Rebrands As Cookpad, Dumps Allthethings Users Loved About The Original App

Whenever a service we use gets bought by another company, we're always filled with hope and anxiety over its fate. It could either be a case of growth and improvements or a slow dwindling descent into irrelevance. I'm afraid Allthecooks may start falling into the latter category if its new owners don't react swiftly to the criticism of their most loyal users.

Allthecooks has long been among the most beautiful and capable recipe and cookbook apps on Android. It got acquired by the Japanese-born Cookpad service toward the end of 2013 and since then, it got an interface redesign and a name change to Cookpad Recipes, but almost everything else remained the same up until a few days ago.

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2010 Point-And-Click Adventure Game 'Lost Horizon' Is Now On Android For $4.99

It's not uncommon to see ports of traditional point-and-click adventure games arrive in the Play Store. Thing is, they're usually twenty years old. Lost Horizon from Animation Arts and Deep Silver hit the PC in 2010, making this port much more likely to put your phone or tablet's graphics card to work.

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Blu Life One X (2015) Quick Review: The Perfect Balance Between Price And Performance


Back in January of 2014, Blu released what I then called my "favorite Blu phone to date"—the Life One X. At the time, it was a solid budget phone, but affordable smartphones have come so far since then. The last year or so has been great for the budget phone scene, and we've watched devices get more and more powerful while prices kept dropping.

Today, Blu announced the new version of the Life One X, and guess what? It's probably the best budget device I've ever used. One might even say it's probably "my favorite Blu phone to date," save for maybe the new Pure XL.

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[Update: It's Back] Google Removes Another App From The Play Store For Dodgy Reasons, This Time It's Tasker

This isn't the first time we've reported about Google's deplorable policies for removing apps from the Play Store. One day you're the developer of an extremely popular app, distributing it to thousands of users, the next it's poof gone with no warning, no explanation, and no way to easily communicate with the team to understand what has gone wrong.

The latest victim is the famous and ridiculously powerful Tasker app. Tasker has been available on Android since time immemorial and has made many a user extremely happy with its extensive featureset. Want to turn on the popcorn machine when you yell "movie time!" at your phone?

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