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Allo web app will eventually work without phone connection

Allo is perhaps one of Google's most controversial products at the moment. It abandoned most of what made Hangouts great, in favor of connecting users by phone numbers rather than email addresses. The app has been slowly regaining some of Hangouts' functionality since release, including a web client. There's just one problem - the web app requires your phone to be turned on with a network connection.

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Allo for web hands-on: Works well enough, as long as you like Chrome

Google's newest messenger app, Allo, was released about a year ago. The app's momentum dropped shortly after release, but that hasn't stopped Google from continuing to improve it. At long last, Allo has gained a web client, but has it been worth the wait?

Setting it up

Unlike Hangouts and similar cloud-based messaging services, your phone acts as the intermediary between your computer and Allo. Anything you do (send/receive a message, start a new chat, etc) is actually performed by your phone, which sends the response back to your computer. As such, your phone will need a working internet connection for the Allo web client to work.

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