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AllCast now streams media from SMB servers and Windows shared folders to your TV

AllCast was first released in 2013 by Koushik Dutta (koush) as a way to stream photos and videos to Chromecasts, Apple TVs, and other types of media players. It has continued to receive updates since then, with torrent streaming added last month, and now the app can play content from SMB servers.

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AllCast by Koush can now stream torrents directly to your TV

AllCast was originally released in 2013 as a way to stream photos, videos, and other content to Chromecasts, Apple TV devices, DLNA clients, and more. Developed by Koushik Dutta (koush), likely best known for his work on ClockworkMod and Vysor, the app just received its first feature update in a while.

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[Update: Winners] Koush's AllCast hits 10 million downloads, and we're giving away 100 AllCast Premium codes to celebrate

ClockworkMod's Koushik Dutta is probably best known for his custom recovery, ClockworkMod Recovery, but he has other claims to fame too. One of his most popular apps, AllCast, has just hit a whopping 10 million downloads on the Play Store. And to celebrate, he's giving away 100 AllCast Premium codes to Android Police readers.

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[Praise Duarte] AllCast 2.0 Gets Material, With More Material, And A Sprinkle Of Material On Top

After teasing the Material redesign of AllCast a couple of weeks ago, Koushik Dutta has finally made the updated 2.0 version available for everyone to install, enjoy, admire, and swoon over. And if you're wondering why it looks so good, it's because our own Liam Spradlin had a hand (mouse click?) in giving the app its fresh coat of paint and that is all you need to know. Article over. Nothing left to say. I'm dead serious. Why are you still reading this? Go scroll down to the end of the post and click install, dammit! Everything I say from now on is just pointless gibber-jabbering to fill space.

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Koushik Dutta Teases A Material Redesign Of AllCast's UI


Pretty Big AllCast Update Rolling Out, Brings All Sorts Of New Stuff

If there's one thing I've learned from working at Android Police, it's that Artem can be a hound when he wants something done. It looks like Koush Dutta, the developer of AllCast (and much more, as I'm sure you're aware), is starting to get a taste of Artem's dedication to making things perfect, especially after looking at the most recent AllCast update.

First things first (I'm the realest), there's an update to the AllCast Receiver Chrome extension. This brings an improved interface and better support for newer versions of the AllCast Android application. You can also mirror the screen from newer Android devices.

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AllCast Is Now On The Amazon Appstore, Giving You Something To Use All Those Free Coins On

So, you still don't have Koush's AllCast? If you happened to snag all those free Amazon Coins from a few weeks ago, you can officially get this incredibly useful casting app for exactly zero moneydollars. If you didn't jump on the free coins bandwagon, however, you'll have to suck it up and pay five moneys for the full version (via IAP). See, it pays to get free Amazon things from time to time, because then you can get more free Amazon things.

Note: The low rating is due to some issues with IAPs that worked in the sandboxed environment, but not once the app was published.
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AllCast Updated With Tablet UI, Auto-Pause On Incoming Call, And More

It's been a while since AllCast saw a big update, but here one is to brighten your Monday. Koush's media streaming app gains a few new features today, but perhaps his mind has been on other things. The oddly conversational Play Store changelog mentions Game of Thrones in addition to AllCast. I'm hunting for Hodor references in the app, but nothing so far.

2014-06-16 13.55.53

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AllCast Receiver App Hits The Chrome Web Store, Android App Updated With Support

Through a steady stream of updates, AllCast has evolved into something far more than the Chromecast streaming app it began as. Now developer Koushik Dutta has released a receiver app into the Chrome Web Store that enables the Android app to cast content straight to your web browser.

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AllCast Update Enables Google Play Music Casting To Any Supported Target (Root Required), Headphone Mode, And More

Since his departure from Cyanogen, Inc., Koush has been a pretty busy guy. Yesterday, he released AllCast Receiver to the Play Store, an app that essentially turns any Android device into a casting target, a la the now-extinct CheapCast. Today, he pushed an update to AllCast that brings a couple of new features, including Google Play Music streaming and the previously-teased headphone mode. Check out the latter in action:

This is essentially a jab at Roku's remote, which includes a built-in headphone jack for private listening while watching content on the TV. For the time being, however, Koush's solution only works with AllCast Receiver and FireTV.

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