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Fox Digital's AVP: Evolution Hits The Play Store Right On Schedule, Satisfies Your Craving To Be An Other-Worldly Killer

In our lifetime, there have been many great battles. Mario vs. Bowser. Vampires vs. Werewolves.  Jason vs. Teenagers. Tyler Durden vs. Himself. 

While those may be the tales that define this era, there is one that lays alone in the shadows, covered in blood, and with a dedication to violence: Alien vs. Predator. And now you can define the outcome with Fox Digital's new game, AVP: Evolution.


The Aliens, extra terrestrial beasts with a bloodlust only surpassed by their agility and speed, have been taken as slaves by the fearsome and technologically brutal Super Predators.

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Fox Digital Teases Alien vs. Predator: Evolution, Coming Soon To Android And iOS

While I may have made my alliance to Predator pretty clear back in November when the official "Predators" game was released, it looks like I'll soon be given the opportunity to verify that with blood. Alien's blood.

Fox Digital just released the first gameplay teaser for its upcoming Alien vs. Predator: Evolution game. Check it out:

Developed by Angry Mob Games (of Muffin Knight and Predators fame), AvP: Evolution lets you choose which of the bloodthirsty other-worldly beasts you'd like to play as, then puts you in the arena to spill as much blood as you can.

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