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Here are the Pixel 2's all-new alarm, ringtone, and notification sounds

The last time Google made new alarm, notification, and ringtone sounds for Android was for the original Pixel and Pixel XL. Maybe this will become a yearly tradition, because Google has done the same thing for this year's Pixels. We've also extracted them from a Pixel 2 XL, so you can use them on your own device.

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Google Home v1.21 enables access to alarms and timers set on Google Home, confirms multi-user profiles are underway [APK Download + Teardown]

Google Home is still relatively new, so there are still quite a few things on the immediate to-do list. An update to the app began rolling out yesterday and it brings one commonly requested feature: a way to check out the alarms and timers set on Google Home. On top of that, there is evidence that multi-user support is in the works, and probably includes individual voice recognition.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Do Not Disturb Automatic Rules Get Option To End DND On Next Alarm

Android's Do Not Disturb feature has a long and complicated relationship with alarms. In Lollipop the tiers of "priority" and "none" did a poor job of explaining how alarms fit in. With Marshmallow, there's that ongoing bug that kills the "until next alarm" option every month. In Android N, there's a new option that might finally make alarms and DND work the way you expect. Alarms can simply override Do Not Disturb.

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[Update: Fully Resizable Widgets And Other Tweaks] Clock v4.3 Adds Some Slick New Animations And Audio Support For Android Wear [APK Download]

The Clock app doesn't get a ton of updates, but when it does there's almost always something worth talking about. The latest version does a little bit of everything with a little bit of visual polish and updates for the Android Wear app. As usual, there's a link at the bottom if you'd like to grab this version before it rolls out to your devices in due time.

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Timely Gets First Significant Update In Ages With Material Tweaks, Support For Alarms/Timers Through Google Now, And More

Development of the popular Timely alarm clock slowed to a crawl when Google acquired the company just over a year ago, but there have been a few small updates since then. Today is a big one, though. Timely v1.3 adds some new features, fixes some bugs, and even adopts a few Lollipop UI elements.

2015-02-05 14.09.29 2015-02-05 14.09.45 2015-02-05 14.10.27

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[New App] AlarmPad Brings Some Context To Your Alarms, Makes Waking Up Slightly Less Terrible

Being woken from a deep sleep by an intrusive sound is never fun, so it's easy to grow resentful of your alarm app. It's a necessary evil, right? AlarmPad is a new beta alarm app that tries to add some context to your alarms to make itself useful beyond just waking you up from a restful sleep. You may not love it, but you might respect it.

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[New App] McAfee Smart Perimeter Beta Puts Your Tablet And Smartphone On A WiFi-Powered Leash

If you're paranoid about losing both your smartphone and your tablet... well, you probably shouldn't be carrying both in an area where either is likely to get stolen. But if you do, and feel like you need an extra layer of protection, McAfee is here to indulge your fear. Smart Perimeter Plus (in the Security Innovations app) links your Android phone and tablet, then sets off an alarm if either are separated from the same WiFi network. It's a free download for devices running Android 2.1 or later.

The concept is pretty simple: connect both your phone and your tablet to the same WiFi network, then pair them with the app-specific PIN.

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Preview And Download: Leaked Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime Ice Cream Sandwich Audio Files, Including Brand New Alarms

The Ice Cream Sandwich leaks are continuing today with P3Droid's dump of the audio files found in the next Nexus' Ice Cream Sandwich innards.

From what I can tell, most of them aren't unique until we get to the alarms - a few of them are brand new based on my Google searches:

  • Fermium.ogg [audio:ics/alarms/Fermium.mp3]
  • Hassium.ogg [audio:ics/alarms/Hassium.mp3]
  • Neptunium.ogg [audio:ics/alarms/Neptunium.mp3]
  • Nobelium.ogg [audio:ics/alarms/Nobelium.mp3]

The alarm sounds are quite futuristic and magical, instantly reminding me of Tron. Considering Honeycomb already started in this direction and ICS' theme is also Tron-like blue, I think we'll be hearing and seeing a lot more audio and visuals in a similar style.

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