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Google and Nest go big for this Black Friday sale with discounts on cameras, alarms, locks, thermostats, smart speakers

When I set up my smart home infrastructure, I waited until Black Friday discounts to pay a little less for all my intelligent devices. Whether you're starting from scratch or want to add new products to your existing smart home configuration, you'll be able to benefit from exciting markdowns on a wide array of Nest products. These include security cameras, alarms, locks, thermostats, smart speakers, connected displays, and Wi-Fi routers. The markdowns will be available from November 28 until December 4, which will give you plenty of time to shop.

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[Update: Live, timers too] You can finally just say 'stop' to silence your Google Home and Smart Display alarms

Google is sharing some pretty cool stuff at I/O this year, but this one new feature is certainly among the biggest: starting today, users in English-speaking locales will be able to stop ringing alarms and timers on Google Home and Smart Display devices simply by saying "stop," no hotword required.

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Google Home Hub and Lenovo Smart Display updates bring touch alarms and more

Both the Google Home Hub and Lenovo Smart Display have received updates that make them better alarm clocks: you can now set alarms by touch, without the need to talk to the devices. The new functionality comes in firmware version on the Lenovo display and version 1.36 on the Home Hub — although the 1.36 update is currently only available for Hubs enrolled in the Google's Preview Program.

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Yahoo's new app will wake you up with audio briefings


[Update: Live, APK Download] Google Clock app now supports Spotify for alarms

Most people don't like to wake up to the grating whine of a regular alarm clock, and a lot of the "alarm" sounds on phones are scarcely better. Now, the Google Clock app offers an alternative. In the latest version, you can use music from Spotify for your alarms. Play Music and YouTube Music? Nope, because Google.

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Hey Google: Alarms and timers should work seamlessly across all my devices

Alarms and timers are probably two of the things I use the Google Assistant for most often. Voice commands make setting them dead simple (especially important for the kitchen, when my hands are often covered in food), and I can use them on my phone, my Pixelbook, or one of my Google Homes.

The problem is that, for all the endpoint ubiquity of setting and managing these timers via the Assistant, I can't actually control or set timers for one device from another. That's kind of silly, and it's a feature I've been wanting for years now. If the appeal isn't obvious to you, let me just put it this way: Have you ever wanted to set an alarm or timer on your phone, only to have your Google Home respond to the query instead?

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Google app v8.3 beta prepares Read Later feature, Direct Reply notifications for messages, and much more [APK Teardown]

Google began rolling out a more-beta-than-usual update to its search app a couple days ago. Despite following the rush of I/O announcements, it doesn't look like this version brings any new features to users. However, like almost every update, it comes with an assortment of clues about upcoming changes.

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Google rolls out fix for setting alarms and reminders on Google Home speakers

Asking a Google Home to set an alarm or reminder is a rudimentary use for one of those smart speakers. But it seems some users recently found that their Google Home failed to sound alarms and reminders that were set. Now Google is saying that a fix has been rolled out and those functions are working again.

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Android P feature spotlight: Do not disturb settings have been simplified down to a single mode

Android's "Do not disturb" setting has an incredible degree of flexibility, but as of the recent Developer Preview, it looks like it may be simplified a bit going forward. In our hands-on time today with Android P, we have discovered that the Do not disturb setting, and its various modes, has been reduced to a single toggle accessible only via quick settings. Gone are the old "Total silence," "Alarms only," and "Priority only" modes. 

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Google Home can now set alarms with music instead of that obnoxious beeping

The default alarm tone for the Google Home may leave a tiny bit to be desired, but thankfully Google has just introduced an alternative: you can now set your next alarm to play music instead. So the next time you need to set an alarm for an impromptu nap or that bird in the oven, you can be jerked back to awareness with something a bit more entertaining.

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