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Google Home v1.21 enables access to alarms and timers set on Google Home, confirms multi-user profiles are underway [APK Download + Teardown]

Google Home is still relatively new, so there are still quite a few things on the immediate to-do list. An update to the app began rolling out yesterday and it brings one commonly requested feature: a way to check out the alarms and timers set on Google Home. On top of that, there is evidence that multi-user support is in the works, and probably includes individual voice recognition.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Time Picker Has A New Animation

There's a new little animation when setting an alarm in the clock app that moves the selector hand from the hour value to the minutes value. If that's not entirely clear, have a look at the gfycat below: after selecting the hour for an alarm, the hand now sweeps smoothly into the minutes position, whereas in Marshmallow, the hand would simply reappear in the minutes position without any visual transition or animation.

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The 'Until Next Alarm' Bug In Do Not Disturb Mode Returns, Will Probably Be There Until Google Patches It

Well this is frustrating. The bug that caused the "Until Next Alarm" function of Android's Do Not Disturb mode to disappear, which manifested itself in late December on a number of Android phones running Lollipop 5.1 and later, is back. The timing of the month seems more than coincidental. Since the problem manifested late in December, presumably Google didn't have time to implement a fix in the latest round of scheduled Android updates.

It looks like this will keep occurring at the tail end of the month until Google fixes it - hopefully in the latest round of Nexus updates.

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[Never Too Early For A Smile] Microsoft Garage's Mimicker Alarm Makes A Challenge Of Your Morning Wake-Up Routine

Wake up! Wakey wakey... It's time to rise and shine. Come on, wake up silly! I said wake up! Argh. It's like you're ignoring me on purpose. What's this ridiculous game we keep playing bruh? You ask me to do something for you every morning and I'm always up and at'em because you need me to. Then you're all about not even listening to me. And you have the nerve to hate me for actually doing my job! Ungrateful human. Oh wake up, please. Sigh. I hate this game.

I bet you don't do this to your other apps. They probably notify you and you're instantly all over them to see what they want.

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The 'Until Next Alarm' Feature In Do Not Disturb Mode Is Weirdly Disappearing From Android Devices

What the hell? After many users were happy to see the "until next alarm" option return to Android's somewhat nebulous "Do Not Disturb" mode after upgrading to the cutting-edge 6.0.1 build of Marshmallow, several have now reported that the feature is once again gone. What's going on here?

Android Police readers have alerted us to the odd change, and Android users on Reddit are also scratching their heads.

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[APK Download] The Clock App From Android M Allows Users To Start Their Week On Saturday, Sunday, Or Monday

The new APK for the clock app from the Android M Developer Preview doesn't look very different from the one you'll find in Lollipop - most of the functions (alarms, world clock, timer, and countdown) are in the same place and operate in the same way. But there's one tiny change that a small amount of users will be extremely happy to see. The Clock app can now "start" your week on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

2015-05-30 15.57.04 2015-05-30 15.57.17 2015-05-30 19.52.49

This is one of those little formatting questions that has never really been properly resolved by society. Most western calendars "start" the week on Sunday, but a majority of people with what you might call a normal job go to work on Monday and consider Sunday the "end" of their week.

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[Android 5.1 Feature Spotlight] The Notification LED Now Blinks In All Notification Modes, Even "None"

When Android 5.0 introduced the new convoluted detailed notification and volume settings, it did one thing that annoyed a lot of users: it removed the option and the possibility of having a true silent mode, where the phone wouldn't ring or vibrate, but the notifications would still trigger the LED notification light, and the alarms would ring normally. You had your choice of "None," which didn't blink the LED nor sound the alarm, or "Priority," which still let some things through but required a tedious setup.

In Android 5.1, the 2 issues of the "None" mode are fixed: we already found out that you can set a deadline to your notification interruptions until the next alarm, and now a Reddit thread has confirmed that the LED light will blink for notifications even on that mode.

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[Android 5.1 Feature Spotlight] You Can Now Change Alarm Volume From Inside The Clock App

Google has taken the lid off of Android 5.1, a minor update packed mostly with bug fixes, but that does little to remove the excitement that comes from seeing the 0 at the end of 5.0 turn into a 1. But some tweaks are included that edge over towards the new feature side of things. One such change is the ability to adjust alarm volume levels from inside the stock clock app.

To see this feature in action, just open Clock and hit your device's volume rocker. It doesn't matter which tab you're in.

AlarmVolume1 AlarmVolume2

Changing alarm volume in 5.1.

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[Android 5.1 Feature Spotlight] Volume Interruptions Menu Adds "Until Next Alarm" As A New Option

File this one in the long list of small but nonetheless significant Android 5.1 improvements. In Lollipop, when you try changing the phone's volume, you get 3 different modes: None, Priority, and All. For better or worse, it's still the case in Android 5.1 with one minor addition: alarms are now integrated as a deadline option.

android-51-volume-until-alarm-1 android-51-volume-until-alarm-2 android-51-volume-until-alarm-3

Left: 5.0 no alarm option. Middle & Right: 5.1 alarm option for None and Priority modes. 

On Android 5.0, if you pick no interruptions or only priority ones, you can set an end time when your device will go back to showing all notifications. That is either indefinitely, for a specific amount of time, or until your downtime ends.

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[Update x2: G Watch, Moto 360 Too] Samsung Gear Live Updated To Android Wear 4.4W.1 Build KGW42N: Here's What's New

Update #1 9/6/14: It looks like at least some of those who've run out to buy the Moto 360 at retail are already seeing the KGW42N update. Charge your watch, set it up, and you should get the alert.


Thanks to reader Justin for the tip and the photo!

Update #2 9/9/14: The G Watch is now receiving 4.4W.1 as well, though the build number varies slightly (KGW42Q):


Thanks, Devin Arthur.

Google representatives promised a notable update to the Android Wear platform this week, and it looks like Samsung's only non-Tizen watch is first in line. The Gear Live is currently receiving an over-the-air update to Android Wear version 4.4W.1, which includes some much-needed adjustments to the watch interface for Google Maps Navigation and the built-in alarm function.

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