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The 'Until Next Alarm' Feature In Do Not Disturb Mode Is Weirdly Disappearing From Android Devices

What the hell? After many users were happy to see the "until next alarm" option return to Android's somewhat nebulous "Do Not Disturb" mode after upgrading to the cutting-edge 6.0.1 build of Marshmallow, several have now reported that the feature is once again gone. What's going on here?

Android Police readers have alerted us to the odd change, and Android users on Reddit are also scratching their heads.

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[APK Download] The Clock App From Android M Allows Users To Start Their Week On Saturday, Sunday, Or Monday

The new APK for the clock app from the Android M Developer Preview doesn't look very different from the one you'll find in Lollipop - most of the functions (alarms, world clock, timer, and countdown) are in the same place and operate in the same way. But there's one tiny change that a small amount of users will be extremely happy to see. The Clock app can now "start" your week on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

2015-05-30 15.57.04 2015-05-30 15.57.17 2015-05-30 19.52.49

This is one of those little formatting questions that has never really been properly resolved by society. Most western calendars "start" the week on Sunday, but a majority of people with what you might call a normal job go to work on Monday and consider Sunday the "end" of their week.

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[Android 5.1 Feature Spotlight] The Notification LED Now Blinks In All Notification Modes, Even "None"

When Android 5.0 introduced the new convoluted detailed notification and volume settings, it did one thing that annoyed a lot of users: it removed the option and the possibility of having a true silent mode, where the phone wouldn't ring or vibrate, but the notifications would still trigger the LED notification light, and the alarms would ring normally. You had your choice of "None," which didn't blink the LED nor sound the alarm, or "Priority," which still let some things through but required a tedious setup.

In Android 5.1, the 2 issues of the "None" mode are fixed: we already found out that you can set a deadline to your notification interruptions until the next alarm, and now a Reddit thread has confirmed that the LED light will blink for notifications even on that mode.

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[Android 5.1 Feature Spotlight] You Can Now Change Alarm Volume From Inside The Clock App

Google has taken the lid off of Android 5.1, a minor update packed mostly with bug fixes, but that does little to remove the excitement that comes from seeing the 0 at the end of 5.0 turn into a 1. But some tweaks are included that edge over towards the new feature side of things. One such change is the ability to adjust alarm volume levels from inside the stock clock app.

To see this feature in action, just open Clock and hit your device's volume rocker. It doesn't matter which tab you're in.

AlarmVolume1 AlarmVolume2

Changing alarm volume in 5.1.

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[Android 5.1 Feature Spotlight] Volume Interruptions Menu Adds "Until Next Alarm" As A New Option

File this one in the long list of small but nonetheless significant Android 5.1 improvements. In Lollipop, when you try changing the phone's volume, you get 3 different modes: None, Priority, and All. For better or worse, it's still the case in Android 5.1 with one minor addition: alarms are now integrated as a deadline option.

android-51-volume-until-alarm-1 android-51-volume-until-alarm-2 android-51-volume-until-alarm-3

Left: 5.0 no alarm option. Middle & Right: 5.1 alarm option for None and Priority modes. 

On Android 5.0, if you pick no interruptions or only priority ones, you can set an end time when your device will go back to showing all notifications. That is either indefinitely, for a specific amount of time, or until your downtime ends.

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[Update x2: G Watch, Moto 360 Too] Samsung Gear Live Updated To Android Wear 4.4W.1 Build KGW42N: Here's What's New

Update #1 9/6/14: It looks like at least some of those who've run out to buy the Moto 360 at retail are already seeing the KGW42N update. Charge your watch, set it up, and you should get the alert.


Thanks to reader Justin for the tip and the photo!

Update #2 9/9/14: The G Watch is now receiving 4.4W.1 as well, though the build number varies slightly (KGW42Q):


Thanks, Devin Arthur.

Google representatives promised a notable update to the Android Wear platform this week, and it looks like Samsung's only non-Tizen watch is first in line. The Gear Live is currently receiving an over-the-air update to Android Wear version 4.4W.1, which includes some much-needed adjustments to the watch interface for Google Maps Navigation and the built-in alarm function.

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[New App] HTC Sense 6 Clock App Lands In The Play Store For Easier Updates

Update: It looks like the app isn't compatible with some versions of the M8 yet either. Feel free to chime in if any of your Sense 6 devices are currently listed as compatible.

Dear M8 owners, HTC has dropped your default clock app into the Play Store. This will allow for easier updates in the future, untangling software improvements from big firmware releases. It's not a particularly exciting app, but hey, the essentials are important too.

Clock1 Clock2 Clock3

HTC's app includes alarms, a stopwatch, a timer, and a world clock. Personally I find it easier to dive into than the one Google's shipping these days (speaking of which, Big G, why isn't your clock in the Play Store yet?).

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Google Now Adds An 'Occasionally' Reminder Option, For When It's Only Kinda Important

There are some things that you don't need to do every day, yet are still important enough to warrant a reminder. You know, like vacuuming, or checking your stock portfolio, or reminding yourself to tweet about how incredibly important it is to bring Firefly back to television. Google's got your back: at some point they added an "occasionally" option to Google Now's built-in reminders, triggered when you tell Now to "remind me" to do something.

Screenshot_2014-07-06-10-59-27 Screenshot_2014-07-06-10-59-38 Screenshot_2014-07-06-11-00-15

The current options are for "today," "tomorrow," "occasionally," and then you can set a specific day and time. If you choose the occasional option, cards will show up at the top of your Google Now stack, and can be dismissed or postponed to another day.

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[New App] Wear Aware Makes Your Android Watch Cry Like A Baby When You Get Too Far Away From Your Phone

Classic Nintendo fans will recall Yoshi's Island, one of the the best platform games of its kind. They'll also recall the brain-piercing wail that Baby Mario made each and every time he fell off of Yoshi's back, which continued unabated until the player rescued him. That's basically the idea behind Wear Aware, which will create the same kind of connection between your shiny new Android Wear watch and your phone.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2)

The app is incredibly simple, just download it from the Play Store and it will install the necessary component on your Wear device. If your phone happens to go outside of Bluetooth range and the connection is lost, your watch will throw up an alert and vibrate three times, in Baby Mario fashion.

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Google Now Has An Alarm That Can Wake You Up To Keep You From Missing Your Stop On Public Transportation

It's Saturday night. You've spent the last six hours partaking of the fruit of the vine in pleasant company (read: you're so drunk that your date is getting a contact buzz). Being the public-minded and responsible drinker you are, you elect to take the bus home. All seventeen stops. After a night out with your friends Morgan, Daniels, and Cuervo, it's difficult to stay awake on the rolling bus. You miss your stop and end up so far from home that you might as well stay on the bus and wait to get off in the morning.


If this situation sounds familiar to you, you'll love the newest feature added to Google Now on Android.

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